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Posted on May 17, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Today being Armed Forces Day, it’s appropriate, I think, to add another “Hero” to my list. This time - it’s a female soldier. Story via Patriot Post (linked).

Profiles of valor: USA Spc. Brown

It’s not often that a female serving in the Armed Forces is in a position to display combat valor, but such was the case for Spc. Monica Brown in Afghanistan in April 2007.

Brown joined the Army at age 17, and at 18 was serving temporarily as a medic with the 4th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment in Afghanistan. Female medics are a crucial part of missions there because male medics are often prevented from treating women and girls.

Brown was on a mission with her unit to track down a bomb-making cell near the Pakistani border when the last vehicle in the convoy struck a roadside bomb. Insurgents began firing at the convoy from a nearby position. Brown and her platoon sergeant ran to the burning truck—all five soldiers inside were wounded. As she began treating the wounded while under fire, the flames began to detonate ammunition in the disabled truck, pinning them between the enemy and the explosions. At several points, Brown lay across wounded men to shield them. She stayed focused on continued treatment.

“I wasn’t really focusing on everything that was going on around us,” she said. “I might have been afraid if I had.”

The situation did not improve for more than half an hour, and twice the wounded had to be moved out of the line of fire. Finally, however, the wounded were evacuated by helicopter, but not before Brown had exhausted her supplies.

Even though the Pentagon’s official policy is to not allow women to have permanent combat assignments, a temporary role such as the one Brown filled is allowed. And there was no doubt that she had earned a medal that April day.

Indeed, Vice President Cheney pinned her with the nation’s third-highest medal for heroism, the Silver Star. Brown is only the second woman since World War II to receive that award.

A good catch

Posted on May 17, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

By the other day that I’m just getting around to posting, concerning the Presidents address at Israel’s Knesset.

None Dare Call It ‘Appeasement’

Let me get this straight. It’s perfectly fair for Barack (Hussein) Obama and his cohorts to repeatedly disparage President Bush’s foreign policy as “cowboy diplomacy” but unspeakably horrific for Bush to analogize the Democrats’ approach to foreign policy to appeasing Hitler?

When Obama compared Hillary Clinton’s threats against Iran to President Bush’s threatening “bluster” and “cowboy diplomacy,” no one batted an eye.

But when Mr. Bush, in addressing Israel’s Knesset, compared those who want to negotiate with today’s terrorists and tyrants to an American senator in 1939 who lamented that Hitler’s march into Poland might have been avoided “if only I could have talked to Hitler,” Obama, other Democrats and the mainstream media went ballistic.

What’s wrong with the president assuring our major Middle East ally that, under his watch at least, America will stand by it against our common enemies, such as the Holocaust-denying Iranian regime?

Well, plenty, if you listen to Democrats and the MSM. If President Bush is articulating a position with which they don’t agree, he is politicizing foreign policy — an unforgivable sin. Never mind that Democrats not only have been politicizing foreign policy for the past seven years but also undermining our official policies in the process. Jimmy Carter’s intermeddling with Hamas, Nancy Pelosi’s junket to Syria and trips to Iraq by other Democratic members of Congress to sabotage U.S. policy are but several egregious examples.

CNN immediately went into overdrive to protest President Bush’s “smearing” of Obama. They also likened it to John McCain’s alleged smear of Obama in accurately reporting that Obama was Hamas’ choice for president.

Democrats including Tom Daschle, Joe Biden, John Kerry and Dick Durbin were outraged that Bush inserted himself into the presidential campaign. There go these projecting Democrats again — always accusing Republicans of committing sins they invented. While Bush is free to politic all he wants to, I don’t believe that’s primarily what he was up to here.

Unhappily for Democrats, Bush is still president, and it remains his job to quarterback American foreign policy. In making a foreign policy speech in Israel, it is wholly appropriate, indeed necessary, for him to make his strongest case in support of his policies.

Via Op-For

Posted on May 17, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

A few pieces of note. One that I failed to find at ABC News (is John Stossel the ONLY thing good about that lot?), and another about - finally - a “pro troops” documentary.

First, from Stossel, comes a rebuttal to the idiots from the left concerning guns and crime. The subject in discussion is the recent overturning of Washington D.C.’s total weapons ban.

bitch-slapping the left

outside the wire

The second, the pro troops documentary .

Kennedy has “seizure”.

Posted on May 17, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

All that booze the bloviator is known to imbibe apparently caught up with him this morning. Maybe we should blame it on “Global Warming”?

Why not - Al Gore blames literally every anomoly on global warming, so why shouldn’t we? I disagree - it’s definitely, no question, absolutely … Bush’s fault!

Sure - Kennedy and his leftist ilk blame everything on Bush, so what’s good for the goose, as the saying goes.

Now before I start getting comments telling me what a prick I am for making light of Kennedy’s … um … “illness” … check your lefty blogs and media and see what those corksuckers have to say about any Republican or Conservative who falls ill. “He should die, the bastard!” is one common reposte. So I have no qualms at all about saying nasty things about Kennedy. He’s a piece of shit, in my opinion, and in this country even conservatives have the right of free speech - no matter what the lefties think.

Kennedy is expected to be released from the hospital in a few days, and can be expected to belly up to the nearest bar for a double scotch before heading home.

Don’t like this? Piss off. Oh … Ted? … remember?

Bush gets it right this time

Posted on May 17, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

In a speech yesterday, relative to his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Bush said something I have been saying for years now. Not patting myself on the back - just saying that anyone with half a brain has been saying the same damned thing longer than I have.

Bush said he was “pleased” with a Saudi decision taken on May 10 to increase its oil production by 300,000 barrels per day in response to customers, but said that he was “also realistic” about what the Americans should do.

“Our problem in America gets solved when we aggressively go for domestic exploration. Our problem in America gets solved if we expand our refining capacity, promote nuclear energy and continue our strategy for the advancing of alternative energies as well as conservation,” he said.

“One interesting thing about American politics these days is those who are screaming the loudest for increased production from Saudi Arabia are the very same people who are fighting the fiercest against domestic exploration, against the development of nuclear power and against expanding refining capacity.”

Which is exactly correct. The same liberals who caused the waste of billions of dollars to deconstruct brand new, clean energy atomic plants come up with all sorts of reasons why we should not build refineries, drill in ANWAR (in areas already set aside for that purpose!), promote ethanol use (which is already causing food prices to go through the roof!), and go to “hybrid” cars. Hey moron - where do you think the energy to generate the electricity needed to charge those things comes from? Assholes. These morons are intent on killing our economy so they can blame the Republicans, ans then convince the moron Democrat voters that the government needs to step in and run things for them again. Power. It’s all about power, and fuck the country, as far as these scumbags are concerned.

Will it happen? Of course not, because a bunch of socialist politicians and their tree hugger socialist buddies will find a way - such as making the very prolific polar bear and “endangered” species to try and prevent oil exploration in the arctic.

This country is doomed.


Posted on May 13, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Snatched from the guys at Black Five (linked), another piece on the real heroes of today. Not overpaid, crybaby athletes, weak-kneed politicians, or ass-hat Hollywood “celebrities.” Heroes. Real heroes. Men who stand up and give everything they have for a cause they believe in. America. God bless them all.

Heroic Last Stand, Marines Thwart Enemy Attack

By Lance Cpl. Casey Jones
Regimental Combat Team 1

RAMADI, Iraq – It was a typical quiet morning on April 22, with the temperature intensifying as a bright orange sun emerged high from the horizon.

However, this morning would be different. Quickly it would turn chaotic, then tragic. Two Marines would gallantly sacrifice their lives so others could live.

Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter, a rifleman with 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 1, and Cpl. Jonathan T. Yale, a rifleman with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, RCT-1, were standing post, just as they’ve done numerous times before. It was during a standard length watch at a small checkpoint protected by concrete barriers where they overlooked a small gravel road lined with palm trees leading to their entry control point.

A truck packed with thousands of pounds of explosives entered the area where Haerter and Yale were standing guard. Realizing the vehicles intentions Haerter and Yale, without hesitation, stood their ground, drew their weapons and fired at the vehicle. The truck rolled to a stop and exploded, killing the two Marines.

“I was on post the morning of the attack,” said Lance Cpl. Benjamin Tupaj, a rifleman with 3rd Platoon, Police Transition Team 3, Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines. “I heard the (M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon) go off at a cyclic rate and then the detonation along with a flash. Then I heard a Marine start yelling, ‘we got hit, we got hit.’ It was hectic.”

In the face of a committed enemy, Haerter and Yale stood their ground, in turn saving the lives of numerous Marines, Sailors, Iraqi policemen, and civilians. Both Marines displayed heroic, self-sacrificing actions and truly lived up to the Corps’ values of honor, courage, and commitment.

“They saved all of our lives; if it wasn’t for them that gate probably wouldn’t have held,” Tupaj said. “The explosion blew out all of the windows over 150 meters from where the blast hit. If that truck had made it into the compound, there would’ve been a lot more casualties. They saved everyone’s life here.”

“They are heroes because thousands of pounds (of explosives) would’ve made its way through the gate and many more of us wouldn’t be here,” said Lance Cpl. Lawrence Tillery, a rifleman with 3rd Platoon. “I have a son back home, and I know if that truck would’ve made it to where it was going – I wouldn’t be here today. Because of Lance Cpl. Haerter and Cpl. Yale, I will be able to see my son again. They gave me that opportunity.”

A week after the attack, the Marines with 3rd platoon, remember their fallen brethren as good friends and Marines.

“Cpl. Yale was a great guy, really friendly and kind of shy,” said Hospitalman Eric Schwartz, a corpsman with the platoon.

Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter was killed in action April 22 by a suicide bomber inside a dump truck with approximately 1,000 pounds of high explosives. Haerter battled a hostile challenger, in turn saving the lives of countless Marines, sailors, Iraqi policemen, and civilians. He displayed heroic, self-sacrificing actions and truly lived up to the phrase honor, courage, and commitment while putting his own life in harm’s way.

“Haerter was an amazing guy. I knew everything about him; he was my best friend,” said Lance Cpl. Cody Israel, a rifleman with 3rd platoon and Haerter’s roommate for more than a year and half.

Haerter and Yale were both posthumously awarded the Purple Heart Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and have been nominated for an award for their valor.

Can you say BOOM? How about “buh-bye”

Posted on May 13, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Say goodbye, assholes

Isn’t technology wonderful? Watch what happens to these ragheads after a drone overhead watches them plant an IED, dig foxholes for cover to touch it off, and finds their “getaway” vehicles. Then follows them to their base of operations. Can you say BOOM?

I’m staying home…

Posted on May 13, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

It just doesn’t matter anymore. I’m tired of voting for candidates my party puts up who I can’t stomach. There has not been a single Republican I truly wanted to vote for since Ronald Reagan, God bless his soul. Not one. Bush 1 or 2? Nope. McCain? Get serious. And now it’s said that the top choice for VP on McCain’s ticket is defeated candidate Mike “Open the borders” Huckabee.

Note to McCain … Huckabee was defeated for a reason - Republicans didn’t like his policies. Of course we don’t like yours either, but we’re stuck with you.

Anyway …

I have no choice in the November election yet again. McCain is talking up Huckabee, is doing the “Global Warming” junk science tour, and is playing footsie with the Hispanic “open borders - this is OUR country!” group La Raza. Is this guy a Republican, or does he think he’s really running for the Democrat Party? Maybe those rumors about his senility have some basis in fact?

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of my party giving me candidates who don’t follow the principals that made this country what it is . Uh … was (because it isn’t anymore). I won’t go along anymore. The Republican Party cares so little about its core voters that they dare us not to vote for their candidate for fear of letting dirtbags like Clinton or racist Marxists like Obama send this country back to the dark ages.

Well ya know what? It won’t matter, and I’m not buying into it anymore. We’ll have 4 years of Obama giving this country a repeat of the Jimmy Carter debacle, and maybe - hopefully - another Knight like Ronald Reagan will appear to guide things back to the light. Anyone I vote for will hurt me and middle class America. So - I’m not voting for any of them. Fuck it.

“Goodnight, Chet”

Uh …. What? 57 States?

Posted on May 13, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Yup - that’s what he said, alright. 57 states in this nation. Who said it? Why, that great intellectual, Ivy League college graduate Obama.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Posted on May 12, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Not much more needs to be said …

“Short takes”

Posted on May 12, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Proving again and again that the good folks at the Patriot Post (linked) GET it.

Sheer Ignorance? Or just stupid

I guess I”m in the “stupid” column for explaining this jerkoff.


“In his victory speech after the North Carolina primary, Sen. Barack (Hussein) Obama…[defended] his stated intent to meet with America’s enemies without preconditions…:

‘I trust the American people to understand that it is not weakness, but wisdom to talk not just to our friends, but to our enemies, like Roosevelt did, and Kennedy did, and Truman did.’

That he made this statement, and that it passed without comment by the journalists covering his speech indicates either breathtaking ignorance of history on the part of both, or deceit. I assume the Roosevelt to whom Sen. Obama referred is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Our enemies in World War II were Nazi Germany, headed by Adolf Hitler; fascist Italy, headed by Benito Mussolini, and militarist Japan, headed by Hideki Tojo. FDR talked directly with none of them before the outbreak of hostilities, and his policy once war began was unconditional surrender. FDR died before victory was achieved, and was succeeded by Harry Truman. Truman did not modify the policy of unconditional surrender. He ended that war not with negotiation, but with the atomic bomb. Harry Truman also was president when North Korea invaded South Korea in June, 1950. President Truman’s response was not to call up North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung for a chat. It was to send troops… Sen. Obama is on both sounder and softer ground with regard to John F. Kennedy. The new president held a summit meeting with Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev in Vienna in June, 1961. Elie Abel, who wrote a history of the Cuban missile crisis (The Missiles of October), said the crisis had its genesis in that summit… Mr. Abel wrote, ‘There is no evidence to support the belief that Khrushchev ever questioned America’s power. He questioned only the president’s readiness to use it.’… It’s worth noting that Kennedy then was vastly more experienced than Sen. Obama is now. A combat veteran of World War II, Jack Kennedy served 14 years in Congress before becoming president. Sen. Obama has no military and little work experience, and has been in Congress for less than four years… History is an elective few liberals choose to take these days… The lack of historical knowledge among journalists is merely appalling. But in a presidential candidate it’s dangerous. As Sir Winston Churchill said: ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’.”
Jack Kelly

Those who can, do - those who can’t, teach. Maybe

Proving the old saying quoted above …
“This year, American taxpayers will spend more than $9,200 on the average public-school student. That’s a real increase of 69 percent over the per pupil expenditure in 1980. The total bill for a student who remains through high school will be almost $100,000. This spending would be worthwhile if it gave us the results we need to compete globally. But it hasn’t been doing so. American students still score poorly compared to students from other countries, especially in math and science. The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows 18 percent of fourth-graders and 29 percent of eighth-graders scored ‘below basic’ in mathematics last year. And far too many students drop out. At least 1 in 4 quits high school. Among minority children, the picture is even bleaker. In 2002, only 56 percent of black and 52 percent of Hispanic students graduated, compared to 78 percent of white students. The Census Bureau has found that a full-time employee with a college degree will earn more than $2 million over a lifetime. One with only a high-school diploma will earn half as much, while a dropout, obviously, will earn even less. More ominously, an independent study found dropouts die an average of nine years sooner than graduates. Our educational system is a national problem—but one that calls for local solutions. One approach is to provide school choice.”
Ed Feulner

Supreme Court tells Democrat Party - Dead people can’t vote!

Judicial Benchmarks: Indiana voter ID OK

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Democrat Party and the ACLU on Monday when it ruled that Indiana’s law requiring voters to produce a photo ID at the polls was not excessively burdensome. The Supreme Court’s decision paves the way for other states to take steps to prevent voter fraud. Liberal justice John Paul Stevens joined the court’s conservative justices in upholding Indiana’s law, and he wrote the majority opinion. “There is no question about the legitimacy or importance of the state’s interest in counting only the votes of eligible voters,” Stevens wrote. “Moreover, the interest in orderly administration and accurate recordkeeping provides a sufficient justification for carefully identifying all voters participating in the election process. While the most effective method of preventing election fraud may well be debatable, the propriety of doing so is perfectly clear.”

Not surprisingly, the ACLU’s Indiana legal director said he was “extremely disappointed” by the decision, even though Democrats’ own expert witnesses admitted that 99 percent of Indiana’s voting-age residents already have the necessary photo ID. While the Left is busy crying foul over “voter disenfranchisement,” the real story is that the Democrat Party can no longer rely on duplicate IDs and dead people to help win elections in Indiana. It is our hope that Monday’s ruling will prompt other states to follow Indiana’s lead in reducing voter fraud.

Chicago Heat

After a weekend that saw 36 shootings in Chicago, perpetual Mayor Richard Daley has decided to equip Chicago police officers with “high-powered M4 carbines” (more commonly known as “assault weapons” when owned by civilians). Just one day after blaming the gun industry for Chicago’s crime problem, Daley said it was “not a difficult decision” to issue rifles to every police officer, making it unclear whether Daley thinks guns are the problem or the solution. Daley also failed to elaborate on how the Chicago Police Department’s new acquisitions were supposed to help citizens defend themselves in the city with America’s second-strictest gun control laws (crime-ridden Washington, DC, is first). A famous quote goes likes this: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Such absurd reasoning has its own parallel in Chicago, where official policy is that defenselessness will continue until crime improves. Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama supported his hometown’s draconian stance on self-defense last week when he told the Chicago Sun-Times,

“There has not been any evidence that allowing people to carry a concealed weapon is going to make anybody safer.”

In light of Obama’s opinion, we think he should give up his Secret Service detail, since it isn’t “going to make anybody safer” and is therefore a waste of taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, law-abiding gun owners are busy proving Obama wrong. When an angry customer pulled a gun on the manager of a grocery store on Monday in West Palm Beach, Florida, the manager and his assistant both drew their own handguns, forcing the attacker to retreat. Manager Marino Hernandez and assistant manager Robert Espinal found the criminal, 73-year-old Marshall Hugo Grant, cowering in the parking lot, where they detained him until police arrived. We’re not sure how Hernandez and Espinal would have been safer without their guns, but we’re sure Barack Obama does. Leftists always know a great many things that aren’t so.

** This one scares me more than a little bit.

I was a NYC police officer for 25 years before retiring in 1994. In that time I was either involved in or had direct knowledge of many “officer involved” shooting incidents. I also saw first hand the lack of training discipline and skills of far too many officers in my twice yearly qualification course - street cops barely able, or NOT able, to qualify to the lowest standard. There was at times a total lack of firearms discipline on the street. I was there - I saw it.

The fact is, unlike cops of the 60’s and early 70’s - few officers these days have any military experience and have absolutely no familiarity with guns before becoming police officers, never once shot a gun, and don’t like them to start with. This shows in the statistics of police shootings - the number of “hits” compared to the number of shots fired. It happens to be, in New York City, something like a 27% hit ratio. Astounding, and disturbing. In other major cities the percentages are similar - some (too many) are worse. Much worse. Taken in context, that means for every 10 shots fired by an officer, only 3 shots find the expected target. “And where do the other rounds go”, you may rightly ask? Well that’s something officials would rather you NOT ask, frankly, because the odds are one or maybe more might hit an innocent bystander.

That’s with the standard duty sidearm. But now departments are seeking to ‘even up the odds” and play soldier by equipping individual patrol officers with fully automatic, military issue assault rifles like the M4 carbine - the latest iteration of the vaunted M16 rifle of Vietnam fame.

To their credit, the NYPD has resisted this push somewhat and is only equipping the more highly trained (and disciplined) Emergency Services Division officers with these weapons. But cities like Chicago are putting them on the street in the hands of the same regular patrol officers who can hit their target barely 30% of the time. Scary shit! It’s also interesting that these are the same weapons the liberals condemn as “assault weapons” with no useful purpose but “to kill” in the hands of civilians, but give a free pass in the hands of untrained cops. Note also that police officers are not trained ‘to kill”, but to “shoot to stop”. Also interesting that now as a “civilian”, I am suddenly incapable of being trusted with an assault weapon or semi-auto handgun - after 25 years of qualifying “Expert” as a police officer, regularly (still) shooting on my own dime and time to improve my skills, and having a personal “hit ratio” exceeding 90%.

EXCLUSIVE - from the “Sandbox”

Posted on May 10, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

The following is an exclusive report sent to me by a good friend who happens to be the XO for this outfit - a Marine Aviator (Major) - attached to the joint forces operation. I thought it might interest some of you like it did me. Our guys are out there doing this sort of thing every day and get little attention from the media - who probably understand neither the mission, nor the Marines and soldiers involved.

Keep in mind that Sgt. Lower voluntarily changed his MOS to Forward Observer - a job title that puts him squarely in the middle of any shit that could conceivably happen. This is no REMF MOS - this is a fighting MOS. Semper Fi, Sergeant!

ANGLICO Marines help clear Basra neighborhood

Cpl. Daniel Angel
BASRA, Iraq (May 3, 2008)

Marines with 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, fire control team 6, bring a lot to the fight here.

Among other things, they provide air-strike and fire-support capabilities to their Iraqi Army counterparts supporting 3rd Battalion, Quick Reaction Force 1,1st Iraqi Army Quick Reaction Force.

“We’re there mainly to provide air support if needed, but we also provide medevacs, we can use the aircraft for route reconnaissance if needed,” said Sgt. Robert Lower, FCT 6 team chief . “We are basically the liaison between the air and ground.”

FCT-6 began its tour in Hawas, in northeastern al-Anbar province, but came to Basra in support of QRF-1, along with military transition team Marines, when fighting erupted in the city in late March.

The drive down with QRF 1 from Hawas to Basra was slow due to the large number of vehicles, the frequent stops and the slow speeds convoys travel, taking three days of 15-17 hours of travel per day.

One of Lower’s most memorable days in the Marine Corps was April 1, the day after they arrived in Basra during a mission with the Iraqi Police and IA.

“We were driving through the city to go set up IP checkpoints,” he said. “We started receiving small arms fire and had two [rocket propelled grenades] shot at us.”

They spent the night sleeping in the team’s mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle in the city and received mortar fire throughout the night, said Lower.

Lower’s team hasn’t had to call in air support in Basra, but other ANGLICO units called in air strikes in early April against criminal elements of the Jaysh ar-Mahdi militia and other outlaws.

“I spotted a mortar emplacement and our other FCT spotted another,” said Lower.

After the other unit called for fire on the emplacement, Coalition forces destroyed the house.

“All his neighbors knew he had mortars and explosives in his house and they thought he had blown himself up, they didn’t know it was us,” said Lower.

The LaPorte, Ind., native joined the Marine Corps in August 2000 shortly after graduating high school as an avionics technician. After a year-long military occupational specialty school in Pensacola, Fla., he was stationed at Camp Pendleton with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron-169 working on Huey and Cobra helicopters, where he deployed twice in Operations Iraqi Freedom I and II.

In 2005, Lower went to Quantico, Va., where he was stationed with HMX-1, the president’s helicopter squadron.

“Working with HMX-1 was awesome,” said Lower. “We stayed in nice hotels and had nice rental cars when we traveled with the president. But we traveled a lot, sometimes for a week at a time.”

Two years later, he changed his MOS to be a forward observer and was stationed with 1st ANGLICO in Camp Pendleton, Calif.

“It was a little bit of a culture shock when I first came to ANGLICO because I came from the wing side,” said Lower. “There’s a lot more camaraderie on the ground side.”

“We formed shortly before pre-deployment training with the Army and have become pretty close. We live together and work together. When we came down here [to Basra], we were pretty much living together out of the MRAP.”

This deployment, which began in March, is Lower’s third to Iraq, and has been very different from his previous tours.

“The biggest difference between my first deployment in OIF I and this deployment is that now we are working with some of the Iraqi Army soldiers that we were fighting in OIF I,” said Lower.

Along with the MiTTs, the FCT helps the Iraqi soldiers build on their operational capabilities, said Lower. Having ANGLICO alongside them helps provide the confidence to conduct operations on their own.

“Now, we are focused on making them do the job instead of us doing it for them,” he said. “If an area needs to be cleared, we’re going to let them do it. We go along with them to help in case things go bad.”

When his ANGLICO team came to Iraq, the Iraqis kept to themselves and the Marines kept to themselves without much social interaction, said Lower. But things have started to change.

“At first, we kept our space with the Iraqis and they kept theirs,” he said. “Iraqis are more focused on personal relationships. They’re starting to open their arms to us more. The IAs have been teaching us the language and culture.”

“My favorite part of being in ANGLICO is working in small teams and working with different units,” said Lower. “It makes me feel like I’m contributing more to the war … working with units like the MiTTs and the IA.”

“Fair and Balanced” media? Sure they are!

Posted on May 9, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Never one to let facts or common decency - let alone the TRUTH - get in their way, the media continues to attack Republicans for alleged improprieties, while consistently overlooking REAL criminal behavior committed by their friends in the DemocRAT Party. Not surprising - not surprising at all. The latest target is John McCain.

WaPo Manufactures McCain “Scandal”

By Amanda Carpenter
Friday, May 9, 2008

When is a senator doing constituent work and when is he tied up in an influence-peddling scandal? The lines seem blurred when it comes to the media’s coverage of the land swap deals Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been involved in. (or it involves any Republican, apparently)

A few weeks ago, the New York Times tried to manufacture a McCain land deal scandal and today it’s the Washington Post’s turn.

The front-page headline of Post staff writer Matthew Mosk’s story is titled “McCain Pushed Land Swap that Benefits Backer.” It says McCain negotiated a land swap to allow Arizona rancher Fred Ruskin to exchange his checkerboard of property located in the Prescott National Forest for an equal piece of continuous federal land that was later sold for development. Mainly because the developer, Steven A. Betts, who purchased the land from Ruskin is a donor to McCain’s presidential campaign, reporter Mosk smells trouble.

But Mosk never proves a connection between the donations and the deal, and there are many details he left out, some provided in ample detail by the McCain campaign, the rancher and the businessman.

Firstly, McCain didn’t single handedly negotiate the deal even though Mosk’s headline makes it sounds as if he did. The highly-scrutinized land swap is the biggest in Arizona’s history and passed the House and Senate in July 2005 after receiving a laundry list of endorsements from Arizona-based groups and media.

It was even supported by Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano, and for good reason. A 2004 editorial by the Arizona Republic applauded the swap because it…

“will consolidate 70,000 acres of environmentally sensitive Forest Service lands and those owned by rancher Fred Ruskin, doubling the acreage for public access and recreation.”

(Yup - sounds like a corruption scandal to me!

Another Hero

Posted on May 9, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Profiles of valor: USMC Cpl. Dollard

In June 2007, U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Ian Dollard was on patrol with his team in Saqlawiyah, Iraq, when they encountered a jihadi ambush. One Marine was hit by enemy fire in the first attack, and then the platoon commander, 1st Lt. Paul Brisker, was hit by a second attack from another position. Dollard quickly put his life on the line using his body to shield Brisker from further fire while he administered first aid. In the process, his armor was hit twice, but he pressed on, dragging Brisker more than 25 yards to a Humvee.

However, as Dollard approached the vehicle, he was hit in the leg. He ignored his injury, making sure the platoon was supported on their way out and back to their operating base. Only then did he tell his Staff Sgt. ,

“Oh, by the way, I got shot too.”

Brisker eventually made a full recovery, and we’re proud to report that Cpl. Dollard was awarded the Silver Star. (as well he should!

Chesty would be proud, Corporal!

Do you need ANOTHER reason…

Posted on May 9, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

… to NOT vote for this Marxist, fast talking asshole?

Barack Hussein Obama, that is. Another catch by the folks at Patriot Post - one of my favorite sites.

Yeah - we need this guy picking Judges!

On the other hand, if Obama’s past Senate voting record wasn’t incriminating enough, he recently gave some revealing, and disturbing, insight into how his nominees would be chosen:

We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom, the empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor or African-American or gay or disabled or old—and that’s the criteria [sic] by which I’ll be selecting my judges.”

An Obama presidency led by empathy rather than by constitutional dictates would certainly be in keeping withhis pledge to bring “real change” to Washington. Uh, you can keep the change, Barack.

(My comments) Right … we don’t need Judges unduly influenced by the LAW, Barack - we prefer namby-pamby apologists like your 60’s radical buddies. “Poor fellow may be guilty, but he came from a poor upbringing!” “It’s a black thing - you wouldn’t understand!”

Oh, and by the way, Barack … I thought you were a brilliant Ivy League college grad? At least that’s what they tell us. If so, why don’t you know that the word you’re looking for in your quote above is criterion - not criteria?

“Compare and Contrast” part deux

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The following is reprinted in toto from this weeks Patriot Post (linked). If you’re not a regular there - you should be. May I suggest that after reading the following you agree with the writers, you visit (and Bookmark!) the Patriot Post site and read the rest of this weeks offering. It’s a beaut!

Michelle v Cindy

By Mark Alexander

While extensive congressional record is well documented, until recently not much was known about his Leftist opponent, . Two of my three-part profile essays on Obama focus on those who have, by his own account, been his most significant mentors. (See and .)

Still trying to discern who Obama really is, we turn this week to the person who is closest to him, his wife and self-proclaimed senior policy advisor, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. may have butted her way into a few policy issues during her husband’s presidential tenure, but Michelle Obama will very likely be dictating policy if her husband gets elected.

Michelle Obama was born 17 January 1964 into a middle-income family on the South Side of Chicago. She grew up with a mother and father in her home, and an older brother. After excelling in high school, Michelle majored in sociology and minored in African-American studies at Princeton University.

At Princeton, she authored a senior thesis entitled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community,” proclaiming that her college experience “made me far more aware of my ‘Blackness.’ I will always be Black first…”

She went on to complete her JD from Harvard Law School in 1988.

After law school, Michelle returned to Chicago to work for the law firm Sidley Austin, where she was assigned to mentor the only other black employee of the firm, Barack Obama.

The two were married by their now-infamous pastor, , in October 1992. They have two daughters, Malia Ann (1998) and Sasha (2001), and their principal residence is a fashionable South Side Georgian mansion purchased with the help of good friend, and local gangster, Tony Rezko.

After their marriage, Michelle joined the staff of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, arguably one of the most corrupt mayoral dynasties in America history.

So, who is this chief advisor to Barack?

She says her campaign role “is to give people yet another slice of who Barack is, making him even more multidimensional. People want to know not just about policies… but who are you? What do you believe in? Can I trust you?”


In her own words, like those of her husband, her “black first” indoctrination casts a pall over her vision for America.

“Fear creates this veil of impossibility and it is hanging over all of our heads,” she recently said. “Only Barack Obama can fix America’s soul. Only Barack Obama can fix America’s broken soul.”

Barack, our savior?

When not talking about fear and black victimhood, hope is a common theme:

“What we’ve learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback, and let me tell you something, for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. And I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment.”

Princeton, Harvard, Mayor Daley and a million-dollar mansion, but “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”? On that note, my colleague, Michelle Malkin concludes,

“I believe it was Michael Kinsley who quipped that a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth. In this case, it’s what happens when an elite Democratic politician’s wife says what a significant portion of the party’s base really believes to be the truth: America is more a source of shame than pride.”

Like Barack, Michelle builds her stump speeches around the victimization script.

She repeatedly claims that America is “just downright mean” and whines that we are “a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day… Folks are struggling like never before…”

Of her husband’s woes regarding his racist and Marxist mentors, she complains,

“The bar has been shifting and moving in this race, but the irony is, the sad irony is, that’s exactly what is happening to most Americans in this country.”

Yuval Levin, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, writes of Michelle,

“By her husband’s logic, Michelle Obama must be a heavily armed xenophobic religious zealot, because boy is she bitter… In Michelle Obama’s America, everybody’s suffering, no one has time to make any friends, no one earns enough to eke out a living anymore, and the bar of success is always being moved just out of reach.”

So, another wealthy in the vein of and is going to save the proletariat from the czars? That dog won’t hunt in the general election.

In contrast to Michelle Obama, let me introduce you to Cindy Hensley McCain, wife of Republican contender John McCain.

Cindy McCain was born 20 May 1954 in Phoenix, Arizona, and was the only child of James and Marguerite Hensley. She went to Central High School in Phoenix and was a rodeo beauty queen.

She went on to complete both a BA and an MA in education at the University of Southern California. Afterward, she began a career as a special-education teacher in Avondale, Arizona, working with severely disabled children.

She met John McCain in 1979 at a military reception in Hawaii. He was 18 years her senior. McCain and his first wife, Carol, were divorced in February 1980, and he married Cindy on 17 May 1980 in Phoenix. John has two adopted sons and one daughter, Sidney (1966), from a previous marriage, and he and Cindy have four children, Meghan (1984), John IV (1986), James (1988) and their adopted daughter, Bridget (1994). Cindy discovered Bridget in Mother Teresa’s Bangladesh orphanage, which did not have the medical care facilities to provide surgery the child needed to survive. She brought the child back to the U.S. , she saw to it that the infant was nursed back to good health, and Bridget is now a healthy and vibrant 16-year-old.

The McCains had a difficult year in 1989, as Cindy became addicted to painkillers following two spinal surgeries for ruptured discs. She overcame that addiction with the help of her husband, family and friends.

In the following years, in addition to raising her family, Cindy was instrumental in several charitable institutions. She founded and was CEO of American Voluntary Medical Team, an organization that arranged medical assistance to victims of natural disasters or civil wars around the world. She has also been active with Operation Smile medical teams, taking trips to Morocco, Vietnam and India. She serves on the board of the HALO Trust, and she has been hands-on in operations to remove landmines in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Angola and Kuwait, where she witnessed the death of a child from a landmine detonation. She is a board member of CARE, which assists impoverished women and children.

In 2000, after the death of her father, Cindy became chairman of Hensley & Co. , one of the nation’s largest Anheuser-Busch distributors, where she consults with the CEO on all major business initiatives. Her estimated net worth is in excess of $100 million.

Cindy suffered a serious stroke from high blood pressure in April 2004, but through physical therapy, has made a near-full recovery.

Though we don’t hear anything about this on the campaign trail, both of Cindy’s and John’s boys are serving their nation in the military. Jimmy, a Marine, is preparing for his second tour of duty in Iraq. (He was so young when he enlisted that Cindy had to sign consent forms.) John IV (Jack) is about to graduate from Annapolis (his father’s alma mater) and aspires to become a Marine officer.

In stark contrast to Michelle Obama, here is Mrs. McCain’s position on the issues:

“My husband’s the candidate. I’m not.” In regard to her vision for America, she says with a smile, “I have and always will be proud of my country.” Clearly, her husband echoes that sentiment.

Quote of the week:

“Michelle Obama is a bizarre mix of condescension and grievance—like Teresa Heinz Kerry with a chip on her shoulder. But the common thread to her rhetoric is its antipathy to what she calls ‘corporate America.’ Perhaps for his next Gettysburg Address the senator will be saying, ‘I could no more disown my wife than I could disown my own pastor. Oh, wait ”’ —Mark Steyn

Obama and the Weather Underground

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A piece here about B. Hussein Obama’s reported (and documented) links to William Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn of the 60’s/70’s terrorist organization “Weather Underground”. The articles I have link to that follow pretty much describe the linkage between Obama and these scumbags, but on a personal note - I was a NYC Police Officer during this time and well remember all the events described - plus others - in which these commie pieces of shit tried their best to kill cops and innocent civilians in and around New York City. Of course to liberals/Marxists like Obama, this was all simple “civil disobediance”, which is his warped vision apparently makes domestic terrorism perfectly okay. But what would we expect from a moron who states unequivocally that he will sit down to “negotiate” with Islamofascists trying to kill us (after already succeeding in killing 3000 innocents at the WTC and 4000 more US military personnel since) … as if there is anything to “negotiate.” Gee - maybe Hussein Obama will offer to place the US under Sharia Law? After all - that is precisely what those goat fuckers want in the end - a world dominated by Islam and Sharia law. And of course Marxists like Obama want to take away our Second Amendment rights to own firearms so we are left defenceless. Not going to happen, asshole!

Back to the connection … Obama points out he was “only 8 years old” at the time this (domestic terrorism) was going on, so it doesn’t matter. But it does. It shows Obama’s character better than his fancy orations do. Their relationship is far more than a casual acquaintance - Ayers and Dohrn were instrumental in starting Obama’s political career. They are his mentors as much as the racist “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright is.

So among Obama’s biggest supporters and mentors are a pair of terrorists and cop kiillers, and an out and out black racist, so-called, minister. Good company, Obama! What was that old saying? … “You are judged by the company you keep”?

Check out the links…

Fire in the Night

The Weathermen tried to kill my family.

John M. Murtagh

30 April 2008

During the April 16 debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, moderator George Stephanopoulos brought up “a gentleman named William Ayers,” who “was part of the Weather Underground in the 1970s. They bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, and other buildings. He’s never apologized for that.” Stephanopoulos then asked Obama to explain his relationship with Ayers. Obama’s answer:

“The notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn’t make much sense, George.”

Obama was indeed only eight in early 1970. I was only nine then, the year Ayers’s Weathermen tried to murder me.

In February 1970, my father, a New York State Supreme Court justice, was presiding over the trial of the so-called “Panther 21,” members of the Black Panther Party indicted in a plot to bomb New York landmarks and department stores. Early on the morning of February 21, as my family slept, three gasoline-filled firebombs exploded at our home on the northern tip of Manhattan, two at the front door and the third tucked neatly under the gas tank of the family car. (Today, of course, we’d call that a car bomb.) A neighbor heard the first two blasts and, with the remains of a snowman I had built a few days earlier, managed to douse the flames beneath the car. That was an act whose courage I fully appreciated only as an adult, an act that doubtless saved multiple lives that night.

Want more? Check these videos out…

So much for your character, Obama.

“Tax, or No Tax”

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With apologies to the TV show “Deal, or No Deal”, we have a situation in which for Conservatives there is no clear winner. I’ve made myself pretty clear, I think, on the subject of John McCain’s bonifides as a Conservative. I don’t even like him personally, after sending him a personal letter (NOT an email) a few years back asking his positions on the then ongoing attack on the Second Amendment. His return letter spelled out his positions (favorable to the 2nd Amendment) and his PROMISE that he would NEVER abrogate those rights. He them turned around and voted to do just that. So much for a politicians promises, eh?

But again we (we being Conservatives) find ourselves in a no-win situation - having to vote for someone we don’t much care for because the opponent is too hideous to even consider. The old “lesser of two evils” once again rears its ugly head.

McCainCare vs. ObamaCare

By David Catron
American Spectator
Published 5/1/2008 12:08:01 AM

Conservatives like to kvetch about John McCain, and not without reason. McCain has, over the years, given us plenty to complain about. Not only has he sided with the forces of darkness on immigration, the Bush tax cuts and the interrogation of terrorists, he is responsible for one of the most egregious attacks on political speech ever devised — The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. Many conservatives are therefore uncomfortable with McCain as the Republican standard bearer in the upcoming Presidential election.

McCain will not, however, be running against Ronald Reagan or William F. Buckley in November. His opponent, barring a party-wrecking decision by the Democrat superdelegates, will be Barack Obama. And, on his most heretical day, McCain would be a better President than the Senator from Illinois. McCain’s conservatism is indeed less-than-pure, but he is a conservative. Obama, his facility with innocuous-sounding bromides notwithstanding, is a classic nanny-state liberal.

Nowhere are the ideological differences between McCain and Obama more obvious than in their respective approaches to health care reform. McCain would emphasize consumer choice, markets and tax reform, while eschewing government-run health care. As he put it on April 28, at the launch of his “Call to Action” tour, “I am convinced that the wrong way to go is to turn over your lives to the government and hope it will all be fine.” Obama, on the other hand, places considerable faith in the state, favoring the shopworn tools of big-government liberalism: central planning, oppressive bureaucracy, and the creation of new entitlement programs.


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Continuing my dedication to our nations heroic Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen as they put themselves on the line for US in the War on Terror in Iraq. This particular hero wasn’t a Medal of Honor recipient. In fact - he was not awarded any particularly high medal for his service and sacrifice. No - he is a hero by virtue of his spirit and dedication to his comrades in arms and his country. Unfortunately, he died last week from yet another surgery to repair his wounds. Rest in peace, sir - we are grateful for your service to your country.

BAMC’s ‘Miracle Man’ didn’t let injuries hurt his spirit

Posted: 04/16/2008 12:23 AM CDT
Scott Huddleston

To the doctors, staff and patients, he was a walking beacon of hope, having survived burns to 97 percent of his body from a roadside blast in Iraq. Though he died unexpectedly after a surgery last week, the indomitable spirit of Sgt. Merlin German lives on at Brooke Army Medical Center, friends and family members said during a touching tribute to the Marine called the “Miracle Man.”

In his three years at BAMC — first a record 17 months in inpatient care, then more than a year in outpatient therapy — German was a living legend whose inspiring determination drew the interest of President Bush, actor Chuck Norris and other VIPs he met. Everything about him, from sarcastic one-liners to his color-coordinated medical garments, will be missed at BAMC, which has treated more than 3,700 troops wounded in the Middle East.

“There is no way to adequately describe what Merlin did for us,” said Lt. Col. Evan Renz, director of the Army Burn Center at BAMC.

German, who was living in Windcrest, died Friday night after routine surgery Thursday to place skin on his lip, BAMC officials said. Results of an autopsy are pending.

The youngest of eight children growing up in New York, Merlin and his brothers weren’t allowed to play with toy guns, his brother Ariel German said. By age 11, he had decided he’d become a Marine so he could shoot a real gun.

He turned out to be an outstanding gunner in the Marines, with a knack for spotting hidden explosives in Iraq. On Feb. 21, 2005, on a reconnaissance mission, his Humvee was hit by an explosive near Ramadi.

German survived a 13-hour flight from Germany but was only given a 3 percent chance of survival. All but the top of his head and soles of his feet had been burned. But after 11 months in intensive care, he’d visit new burn patients, encouraging them to keep heart.

(Eric Gay/AP)

Burn patient Merlin German with Lt. Gen. James F. Amos during a promotion ceremony last May at BAMC. The cause of the sergeant’s death was pending the return of autopsy results.

Tuesday’s ceremony paid tribute to the 22-year-old who seemed a study in contradiction — a tough Marine whose tenderness showed in the affections he showered on his mother. He loved loud hip-hop music but prayed three or four times daily.

“Love is the only word strong and powerful enough to describe how we all felt about Merlin,” said Brig. Gen. James K. Gilman, BAMC commander.

Gilman said he’ll miss seeing German and gently bumping his fist against the nubs of what had once been German’s fingers, after asking him, “Hey man, how ya doing?” But he said German left behind words for BAMC’s staff and patients to live by when times get rough.

“If Merlin were here today, there is no doubt in my mind what he would say: ‘Fight through, stay strong and overcome because we are warriors,’” Gilman said.

“Do as I say …”

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“…Not as I do”, the old saying goes. I’m not sure where it came from originally, but one could posit that someone like Will Rogers first applied it to an observation of our “elected representatives.” Makes sense to me. After all - have we not been hearing incessant warnings that we should “downsize” our cars for the sake of “energy conservation”? We don’t really NEED those big SUV’s, we hear. They waste gas, they put a burden on our roads because they weight too much, and … Al Gore doesn’t like them!!

So in a classic case of the above saying, CBS News has filed a story on, well… just that … on the part of our esteemed elected Representatives. It is not at all surprising that every single one of the politicians mentioned in the expose are … wait for it! …. yes - Democrats. The very same asshats who complain most about you and me driving a “comfortable” vehicle that “meets our needs.” And WHO, you may reasonably ask, has the most to say about the bruhaha? Why, none other than the Mouth that Roared, Charlie Rangel! Dare I mention that the ones leasing - on our dome - the most expensive wheels are …. black? Well I guess I did, so tough shit. Fuckers.

On YOUR Dime: Congressmen Lease Luxury Cars

Little-Known But Exploited Loophole Allows Politicians To Drive, Maintain Expensive Cars, SUVs On Taxpayer Money

Rep. Charles Rangel: ‘My Constituents Appreciate It’

Pablo Guzman

You may not realize it, but members of the House of Representatives can lease a car and have it paid for by you — the taxpayer. And it’s not just the car, but gas, registration, insurance … the works.

And as CBS 2 HD found out, there’s no limit on how much they can spend.

Congressman Charles Rangel (black)was recently seen getting out of his Cadillac DeVille, which he leases for $774 per month. Then there was Congressman Jose Serrano, getting out of his Buick LaCrosse, which he leases for $317 per month. And how about this one: Congressman Gregory Meeks (black) was recently seen waiting for Congressman John Conyers (black) to step out of Meeks’ Lexus LS460, which Meeks leases for $998 per month.

All those leases are picked up by taxpayers through a little-known program available only to members of the House of Representatives.

You can probably just imagine the kind of reaction CBS 2 HD got from everyday citizens outside Meeks’ Jamaica, Queens office.

“They should all drive cheaper cars, why not?” Richard Candelario said. “I mean, you know, they’re making the money. I mean, we shouldn’t pay for their cars.”

Members of the House who choose to lease through the program have had a great deal of leeway. Congressman Anthony Weiner (NOT black) of Brooklyn, for example, leases a 2008 Chevy impala for $219/month. Congressman Ed Towns (black) of Brooklyn used to lease a Lincoln for $845 per month, but switched to a 2008 mini-SUV made by Lincoln, the MKX, which costs $715 per month.

Rangel spoke to CBS 2 HD by phone about the seemingly extravagant expenses being racked up on the taxpayers’ dime:

CBS 2 HD: “How would you answer those people who say, ‘Well, but it’s taxpayer money. Instead of $700 a month, could you find something for, say, $300 a month?’”

Rangel: “I could probably find something for … one of those red cars and then I think my constituents would say, ‘With all the money that he gets, this is the respect he shows us?’”

Earlier, Rangel released a statement, further addressing the issue.

“When I’m in New York, my car is my office. I use it to conduct Congressional business. It really pleases me that (my constituents) appreciate driving in a comfortable car, especially the senior citizens,” Rangel said.

“The car isn’t just a vehicle for getting around; it’s an important part of doing my job and my constituents appreciate it.”

Taxpayers CBS 2 HD spoke with were not buying that rationale.

“I drive a Toyota RAV and I feel that he could drive a Toyota RAV and probably lease it for $200,” taxpayer Cathy Kraut said.

Of the 42 Congressmen in New Jersey and New York about a dozen participate in the leasing program.

The U.S. Senate does not permit its members to lease cars with public money.