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“Aid and Comfort” used to be called TREASON.

Posted on March 30, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

From the pages of the Patriot Post and Mark Alexander comes an eye-opening piece about those lovable Democrats and their continuing efforts to give aid and comfort to our enemies - during a time of WAR. Of course those assholes refuse to acknowledge we are involved in a war, since they claim it is illegal and not authorized by Congress. Guess they never heard of the War Powers Act, which they pushed through, or wars started by Democrat Presidents. That’s a totally different thing, isn’t it? Right.

More Democrat ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemy

By Mark Alexander

From the “keen sense of the obvious” department at Harvard University, researchers at the Kennedy School of Government reported this week what anyone with a lick of common sense already knew: When Democrats and their instruments of propaganda openly condemn , they embolden our enemy.

The research team determined that the more strident the political dissention of OIF reflected in U.S. media stories or polls (read: ), the more frequent were attacks against civilians and U.S. military forces in Iraq. Notably, in areas with greater access to international news media, the quantifiable increases were greater.

The report, , concludes that attacks increased between seven and ten percent following “high-mention weeks,” like the two before the November 2006 midterm elections, when Leftist political rhetoric was at full steam.

Since the onset of hostilities with , and particularly in the wake of 9/11 and our military response (), I have written a few pointed essays about how Democrats and their Leftmedia minions lend support to our enemy with political fodder designed to appeal to their Leftist constituency.

Terrorism is all our jobs

Posted on March 30, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

This report is from STRATFOR, a terrorism report group who regularly advises police departments of developments around the world having to do with terrorism. While directed at police agencies, it is just as important that civilians are aware of this information, so I’m bringing it to you.

Grassroots Jihadists and the Thin Blue Line

Graphic for Terrorism Intelligence Report, Behind the Scenes with Fred Burton

February 27, 2008 | 1735 GMT
By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

As Stratfor has observed for some years now, the global response to the 9/11 attacks has resulted in the transformation of the jihadist threat. Whereas six and a half years ago, the threat came from “al Qaeda the organization,” today it emanates from “al Qaeda the movement.” In other words, jihadism has devolved into a broader global phenomenon loosely guided by the original al Qaeda core group’s theology and operational philosophy. We refer to the people involved in the widespread movement as grassroots operatives.

In analyzing this metamorphosis over the years, we have noted the strengths of the grassroots jihadist movement, such as the fact that this model, by its very nature, is difficult for intelligence and law enforcement agencies to quantify and combat. We also have said it has a broader operational and geographic reach than the core al Qaeda group, and we have discussed its weaknesses; mainly that this larger group of dispersed actors lacks the operational depth and expertise of the core group. This means the grassroots movement poses a wider, though less severe, threat — one that, to borrow an expression, is a mile wide and an inch deep. In the big picture, the movement does not pose the imminent strategic threat that the core al Qaeda group once did.

Short takes …

Posted on March 29, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

I have lots to do today, so here are just a few items of interest. Well they are to ME, anyway!

Hillary: Swiftboated!

by Ann Coulter
Posted: 03/26/2008

Hillary is being “swiftboated”!

She claimed that she came under sniper fire when she visited in Bosnia in 1996, but was contradicted by videotape showing her sauntering off the plane and stopping on the tarmac to listen to a little girl read her a poem.

Similarly, John Kerry’s claim to heroism in Vietnam was contradicted by 264 Swift Boat Veterans who served with him. His claim to having been on a secret mission to Cambodia for President Nixon on Christmas 1968 was contradicted not only by all of his commanders — who said he would have been court-martialed if he had gone anywhere near Cambodia — but also the simple fact that Nixon wasn’t president on Christmas 1968.

Peace’ Advocates Playing Dirty

by Katie O’Malley
Posted: 03/27/2008

Once content to thump drums and dig deep for chants that rhyme, the “peace” movement’s foothold on the public soapbox has slipped. The peaceniks — ANSWER, MoveOn.org, Code Pink and the rest — are in the midst of very public identity crisis. They are facing, for the first time, visible and vocal opposition to both their words and their methods. And it has made them angry….very angry….angry enough to (pause for dramatic effect) use violence as an option!

As organizations have come together to face them in the streets (and have successfully released the left’s stranglehold on activism and the media) the lefties have revealed their inner violent streak to which they have always proclaimed an immunity.

We have certainly seen incidents of violence within the misnamed “peace” movement since its inception decades ago. These lovers of dialogue and group hugs have bombed buildings (just ask Obama’s “acquaintance” William Ayers of the Weather Underground), stormed institutions and screamed vile and evil comments to Vietnam Veterans, since they first began their activism. In Ayers memoir, “Fugitive Days,” he goes so far as to write, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I didn’t do enough.” At least he is honest about it.

His disturbing perspective and the inherently un-peaceful legacy of the 1960s peace movement has been enthusiastically embraced by the newest generation, tutored by the aging hippies of yore.

Muslim savages. SAVAGES!

Posted on March 27, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

You have probably heard by now about the film “Fitna”, but Dutch film maker Geert Wilder. This film was banned for quite some time in various European countries and decried as “hateful” and “blasphemous to Muhammed” by Islamic terrorists who have a death warrant on Mr. Wilder’s head for daring to insult Islam. “Daring to insult Islam”. Now there’s balls for you. These savages; these scumbags; these sub-humans; these white spots on bird shit who worship a false “prophet” and pederast who took the name Muhammed threaten death to anyone with the temerity to insult them or their “religion.” Well FUCK them.

A 15 minute clip of the movie was released only minutes ago on LiveLeak, and I have the link for you. And with the climate that presently exists in this country as well as Europe, I fully expect these savages will make all sorts of threats to get the movie clip removed from LiveLeak. Well FUCK them again - because in addition to the link - I downloaded the damned thing to my system! Want to try suing me, assholes? Take your best shot. And in case you didn’t get it the first two times … FUCK YOU and the bastard “religion” you rode in on.

And keep in mind, folks, that Democrat B. HUSSEIN Obama says he will sit down with these savages to “negotiate.” Negotiate what, moron? The Muslim takeover of the United States, like they are already taking over half of Europe? Fuck him too.

Short and sweet!

Posted on March 25, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

It’s a Black/Asian/Latin/Arab thing, ya hear what I’m sayin’?

In the news today. As usual - bad.

Posted on March 25, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

A few items of interest I found today while scouring the net - which is what I do when I a) can’t sleep, or b) feel like hell. So you get the benefit (?) of my suffering! Hey - why should I suffer alone? This stuff will make you sick too! Or at least it should …

Obama Has Chosen His Running Mate

By Doug Patton
March 25, 2008

Barack Obama chose his running mate last week. By throwing grandma under the bus in favor of his divisive, racist pastor of 20 years, Obama told the world that he was willing to run to the finish line with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on his back.

“I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother, a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe,” Obama intoned in that mellow voice of his.

It is astounding that the mainstream media can look at that statement and still gush over Barack Obama’s “major speech on race” as if he were the second coming of Abraham, Martin and John all rolled into one. Lifelong race hustler Jesse Jackson made statements similar to those Obama attributes to his grandmother years ago, admitting that when he hears people behind him on the street, he is always relieved to find out they are white.

Obama as C-in-C?

by Kris W. Kobach
Posted: 03/24/2008

The third week of March was not a good one for Barack Obama. The news cycle was dominated by tapes of the racist tirades of Jeremiah Wright, and by Obama’s efforts to distance himself from his long-time pastor and counselor.

Had the Wright tapes not emerged at that time, the news cycle might have been dominated by a speech that Obama delivered on March 19, 2008, in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In it, he offered voters a sketch of what American foreign policy might look like under President Barack Obama.

Although Obama’s view of the world is not as twisted as his pastor’s view, it is every bit as troubling. And that view informs his foreign policy prescriptions. In the speech, Obama revealed several disturbing elements that would define his foreign policy.

“Judicial Supremacy” - you have no rights!

A Big Win for Judicial Supremacy, a Big Loss for Government Language Lawyers and Another Example of “Real Change”

by Newt Gingrich
Posted: 03/25/2008

Parents “do not have a constitutional right to home school their children.”

So wrote a California judge in a case that has ominous potential for the estimated one million-plus American families who have opted out of the public education monopoly and choose to educate their children at home.

Although the ruling is being appealed to the California Supreme Court, as it now stands, the 166,000 California children who are home schooled are truant, and their parents are criminals. Welcome, as the Wall Street Journal editorialized, to a “strange new chapter” in the “annals of judicial imperialism.”

Oh, those Dems…

Posted on March 24, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Was “light”, now dark - and liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!

How many times do I have to say it - you just have to love those Democrats. Pathological liars the lot of them. And now they are , too!Case in point … Bill Richardson. Have you seen him lately? I seem to remember lots of pictures of him when he was in Clinton’s cabinet, and I always marveled at the fact he called himself a “Hispanic”, while appearing to be “lily white”. A Hispanic named Richardson? With no obviously Hispanic features? I always thought “is he pandering?” and then figured, “well - he’s a Democrat, of course he’s pandering!”

Now today, I see the picture of him with his new buddy B. Hussein Obama, after endorsing him and … wow - he’s really dark now! A full goatee and all, looking really Hispanic. And I’m wondering … why?

But then I remember again - he’s a Democrat, fool! Have to get out that Hispanic vote that so far has gone to Hillary! Maybe Obama promised him another cabinet level position, or Ambassador to the UN, or some place he can do real damage to the American image.

Hey … I’m just sayin’. Kind of strange is all. Light, dark. White, Hispanic.

And on the subject of pathological liars … I give you Hillary Clinton. Really - it must be a character fault transferred from Bill by osmosis or something. Either that or two pathological liars just gravitated towards each other in college, and the rest is history. There has to be some explanation! Remember her saying how when she landed in Bosnia during her husbands administration some years back she had to evade sniper fire? Well … Not. So. Much.

Brigitte Gabriel GETS it.

Posted on March 24, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

I found this fascinating and enlightening speech by Brigitte Gabriel the other day. She is an Arab woman who happens to be a Christian. May I suggest that you take the link following this excerpt and read the entire thing?

This should be required reading for any politician or prospective politician (wonder who I’m referring to?) to give them a clue what this crap is all about.

Brigitte Gabriel  is an expert on the Middle East  conflict and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject.  She’s the former news anchor of World News for Middle East television and the founder of

“We gather  here today to share information and knowledge. Intelligence is not merely cold hard data about numerical strength or armament or  disposition f military forces. The most important element  of intelligence has to be nderstanding the mindset and intention of  the enemy. The West has been wallowing n a state of ignorance and  denial for thirty years as Muslim extremists erpetrated evil  against innocent victims in the name of Allah.

I  was ten years old when my home exploded around me, burying me under the ubble and leaving me to drink my blood to survive, as the  perpetrators houted, “Allah Akbar!” My only crime was that I was a  Christian living in a Christian town. At 10 years old, I learned the  meaning of the word “infidel.” “

Go to read Brigitte’s bio and the complete speech.

Short takes …

Posted on March 24, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

…from the pages of Patriot Post (linked).

“Did Senator Barack Obama’s speech in Philadelphia convince people that he is still a viable candidate to be President of the United States, despite the adverse reactions to statements by his pastor, Jeremiah Wright? The polls and the primaries will answer that question. The great unasked question for Senator Obama is the question that was asked about President Nixon during the Watergate scandal; What did he know and when did he know it? Although Senator Obama would now have us believe that he is shocked, shocked, at what Jeremiah Wright said, that he was not in the church when pastor Wright said those things from the pulpit, this still leaves the question of why he disinvited Wright from the event at which he announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination a year ago. Either Barack Obama or his staff must have known then that Jeremiah Wright was not someone whom they wanted to expose to the media and to the media scrutiny to which that could lead… Someone once said that a con man’s job is not to convince skeptics but to enable people to continue to believe what they already want to believe. Accordingly, Obama’s Philadelphia speech—a theatrical masterpiece—will probably reassure most Democrats and some other Obama supporters. They will undoubtedly say that we should now ‘move on,’ even though many Democrats have still not yet moved on from George W. Bush’s 2000 election victory. Like the Soviet show trials during their 1930s purges, Obama’s speech was not supposed to convince critics but to reassure supporters and fellow-travelers, in order to keep the ‘useful idiots’ useful.” —Thomas Sowell

“Barack Obama’s speech last week, hastily prepared to extinguish the firestorm over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, won critical praise for style and substance but failed politically. By elevating the question of race in America, the front-running Democratic presidential candidate has deepened the dilemma created by his campaign’s success against the party establishment’s anointed choice, Hillary Clinton. In rejecting the racist views of his longtime spiritual mentor but not disowning him, Obama has unwittingly enhanced his image as the African-American candidate—not just a remarkable candidate who happens to be black. That poses a racial dilemma for unelected super-delegates, who as professional politicians will pick the winner since neither Obama nor Clinton can win enough elected delegates to be nominated. Super-delegates, though they were inclined to Clinton no longer than three months ago, now flinch at rejecting Obama. They fear antagonizing African-Americans, who have become the hard-core Democratic base. But what if national polls continue their post-Wright trend and show Obama trailing both Clinton and Republican John McCain in popular support?” —Robert Novak

“[Barack Obama’s] whiny wife, Michelle, says that her husband’s election as president would be the first reason to have ‘pride’ in America, and complains that this country is ‘downright mean’ and that she’s having difficulty finding money for their daughters’ piano lessons and summer camp. Between them, Mr. and Mrs. Obama earn $480,000 a year (not including book royalties from ‘The Audacity Of Hype,’ but they’re whining about how tough they have it to couples who earn 48 grand—or less. Yes, we can. But not on a lousy half-million bucks a year. God has blessed America, and blessed the Obamas in America, and even blessed the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose bashing of his own country would be far less lucrative anywhere else on the planet. The ‘racist’ here is not Geraldine Ferraro but the Rev. Wright, whose appeals to racial bitterness are supposed to be everything President Obama will transcend. Right now, it sounds more like the same-old same-old. ’God Bless America Land that I love.’ Take it away, Michelle.” —Mark Steyn

Happy Easter

Posted on March 23, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

He is Risen!”

Christianities holiest day

Today we celebrate Easter - the holiest day of the year for the worlds Christians, commemorating the day Jesus Christ Our Lord was resurrected after having died for our sins.

Not there is much going on today that I need to comment on, but I will be taking the day off to attend to personal business, and thank Him for giving me so many second (and third, and fourth, and …) chances to redeem myself.

I wish you and your families a Happy Easter.

I wasn’t there!

Posted on March 23, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

That appears to be Obama’s standard defence now, when the subject of Re. Wright comes uo. “I wasn’t in church that day!” Won’t work, dude - won’t work. The people are on to you now as nothing more than the typical anti-white black racist (though they deny such a thing is possible). Well here’s something for you to ponder…

Obama: ‘Outrageously wrong’ to reprint Hamas manifesto

Says ‘I certainly wasn’t in church’ when defense of terror appeared on ‘Pastor’s Page’ of bulletin

Posted: March 22, 2008
5:25 pm Eastern
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Once again, Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama is distancing himself from a statement made by his Chicago church and defending himself by saying he wasn’t present when the statement was made.

This time, Obama is reacting to a WND report of the church’s decision to reprint a manifesto by a Hamas spokesman that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group’s official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America’s Declaration of Independence.

The Hamas piece was published on the “Pastor’s Page” of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose anti-American, anti-Israel remarks landed Obama in hot water, prompting the presidential candidate to deliver a major race speech earlier this week.

And speaking of schools …

Posted on March 22, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

… or more specifically in this case … PARENTS, we get this charmer from our Socialist neighbor to the north, Canada. I was wondering when this whole “self esteem” bullshit would come to this. The Spock generation, of which I am “once removed”, started this nonsense of our poor little darling suffering humiliation and “loss of self-esteem” for the simple reason of not having their asses kissed every time they accomplish (more rightly FAIL to accomplish) something of value to themselves and society as a whole. Poor dears. Can you imagine how tough life must be these days if you don’t have people fawning over you every second, applauding your existence, rather than giving credit WHEN it is due rather than for just being alive? Horrors! What’s the use - just take a gander at this nonsense and get sick to your stomach like I did. Hey - why should I have to suffer alone!

The new “Golden Rule”

Parents turning to the courts when their children fail in school!

Zosia Bielski
National Post
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Teachers are now being challenged in court, with parents accusing them of everything from emotional distress to victimization when their children receive a C or have to do lines.Getty ImagesTeachers are now being challenged in court, with parents accusing them of everything from emotional distress to victimization when their children receive a C or have to do lines.

A British Columbia father has sued his son’s Grade 2 Montessori teacher claiming that she “purposely and maliciously worked to damage the self-esteem” of his son over such things as failing to encourage the child’s spelling, not sending home a daily homework list and, in one case, displaying an unfinished poem in the school hallway.

The lawsuit, which a judge recently ruled would be heard by the B.C. Supreme Court, is one example of a growing trend of parents who, unhappy with their children’s education, take their complaints to court. But it is also a sign of the extended reach of parental meddling. Increasingly, teachers are being challenged in court, in cases that accuse them of everything from emotional distress to victimization for offences that range from handing out low marks to punishing too harshly.

This latest case involves Kenneth H. Finkelstein, a management consultant in Victoria who is suing his son’s private school teacher for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In a statement of claim first filed in court last fall, Mr. Finkelstein said that his son “suffered and will continue to suffer loss and damages” — including anguish, suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, worry and loss of dignity –because Susan Rialp, the boy’s teacher at Selkirk Montessori School, did not make him do his homework or coax his reading and comprehension, and in one case, put his unfinished poem in a hallway for all to see. Ms. Rialp “falsely created and attempted to reinforce artificial differences between his son and his peers and falsely asserted the son exhibits behavioural difficulties,” according to the writ.

In the lawsuit, Mr. Finkelstein says the teacher also failed to protect the boy when he was bullied by another student, blaming his son instead.

(note to Finkelstein - how about teaching your little darling to stand up and defend himself? You know - like a MAN? That might even give him some much needed “self esteem.”)

If your kids go to “government schools” …

Posted on March 22, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

…they are probably sadly lacking in knowledge of our nations history, if my son’s “education” in high school American History is any indication. I looked through his books many times trying to find something - anything - resembling true American history and found little to none. If you even bother to look through your kids books, you will likely find the same thing.

So now HBO - which usually features programming far from educational or factual - has now released a series on Founder John Adams. I highly recommend that you sit your kids down in front of the TV (another thing I rarely recommend) and let them learn something about our nations history. This article in Human Events (linked) says the same …

Know Thy Founding Fathers:

Flesh, Blood and Real History on the TV Screen

By Suzanne Fields
Thursday, March 20, 2008

There are times when it’s OK to surrender to the popular culture. Alas, such occasions are all too rare. But here’s such a time. Everyone who decries the young Americans in school and university who “don’t know much about history” should invite one or two (or more) of these deprived youngsters to gather in front a television set to watch the continuing seven-part HBO series “John Adams.”

The first two episodes suggest there’s something for everyone to like (and to nitpick) in this fine drama, taken from the lives of the Founding Fathers leading up to Philadelphia and beyond. This is an authentic breakthrough event to watch with the children.

Actor Paul Giamatti (L) sits with House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) for the screening of a new HBO miniseries on the life of John Adams, at the Capitol in Washington, March 5, 2008. Giamatti stars as Adams, the second president of the United States, in the miniseries produced by Tom Hanks. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES)

We see flesh and blood characters, incorporating their best instincts to take risks in order to establish a democracy. We’re reminded how it required intelligence and bravery to forge the new nation. Patriotism here is not an empty word, nor is flag-waving a self-aggrandizing gesture.

Abigail Adams is here as our First Feminist, counseling her husband to give women their say, his closest confidant making her case with a strong intellect radiating through roles of wife, mother, and wise adviser. She speaks out against slavery and derides the viewpoints of John’s “Southern friends,” knowing how crucial the importance of principle is, even in a lost cause. (She offers no reference to the Massachusetts men, including her father, who own slaves.) She melts household pewter into bullets for the revolution, because there is no time to dwell on the impossible.

The changes we have made throughout our history depend first on the foundation these colonists lay for the “more perfect union.” This is where — as Barack Obama reminded us this week in his speech attempting to defuse the controversy over his association with his race-baiting pastor — our union grows stronger. “And as so many generations have come to realize over the course of the 221 years since a band of patriots signed that document in Philadelphia,” he said, “that is where the perfection begins.” Or, more to the point, it’s the attempt at perfection.

Celebrating Good Friday…

Posted on March 21, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Jesus, having been arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane by the Temple Guards through the guidance of Judas Iscariot, is brought to the house of Annas, who is father-in-law of the current high priest, Caiaphas. Judas received money for betraying Jesus, and so that the guards knew who to arrest, Judas kissed Jesus, and the guards knew that whoever Judas kissed, that would be Jesus. There he is interrogated with little result, and sent bound to Caiaphas the high priest, where the Sanhedron had assembled (John 18:1-24).

Conflicting testimony against Jesus is brought forth by many witnesses, to which Jesus answers nothing. Finally the high priest adjures Jesus to respond under solemn oath, saying “I adjure you, by the Living God, to tell us, are you the Anointed One, the Son of God?” Jesus testifies in the affirmative, “You have said it, and in time you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Almighty, coming on the clouds of Heaven.” The high priest condemns Jesus for blasphemy, and the Sanhedron concurs with a sentence of death (Matthew 26:57-66). Peter also denies Jesus three times during the interrogations. Jesus already knew that Peter would deny him three times.

In the morning, the whole assembly brings Jesus to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, under charges of subverting the nation, opposing taxes to Caesar, and making himself a king (Luke 23:1-2). Pilate authorizes the Jewish leaders to judge Jesus according to their own Law and execute sentencing, however the Jewish leaders reply that they are not allowed by the Romans to carry out a sentence of death (John 18:31).

Pilate questions Jesus, and tells the assembly that there is no basis for sentencing. Upon learning that Jesus is from Galilee, Pilate refers the case to the ruler of Galilee, King Herod, who was in Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. Herod questions Jesus but receives no answer; Herod sends Jesus back to Pilate. Pilate tells the assembly that neither he nor Herod have found guilt in Jesus; Pilate resolves to have Jesus whipped and released (Luke 23:3-16).

It was a custom during the feast of Passover for the Romans to release one prisoner as requested by the Jews. Pilate asks the crowd who they would like to be released. Under the guidance of the chief priests, the crowd asks for Barabbas, who had been imprisoned for committing murder during an insurrection. Pilate asks what they would have him do with Jesus, and they demand, “Crucify him” (Mark 15:6-14). Pilate’s wife had seen Jesus in a dream earlier that day; she forewarns Pilate to “have nothing to do with this righteous man” (Matthew 27:19).

Pilate has Jesus flogged, then brings him out to the crowd to release him. The chief priests inform Pilate of a new charge, demanding Jesus be sentenced to death “because he claimed to be God’s son.” This possibility filled Pilate with fear, and he brought Jesus back inside the palace and demanded to know from where he came (John 19:1-9).

Coming before the crowd one last time, Pilate declares Jesus innocent, washing his own hands in water to show he has no part in this condemnation. Nevertheless, Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified in order to forestall a riot (Matthew 27:24-26). The sentence written is “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” Jesus carries his cross to the site of execution, called the place of the Skull, or “Golgotha” in Hebrew and “Calvary” in Latin. There he is crucified along with two criminals (John 19:17-22).

Jesus agonizes on the cross for three hours while the sun is darkened. With a loud cry, Jesus gives up his spirit. There is an earthquake, tombs break open, and the curtain in the Temple is torn from top to bottom. The centurion on guard at the site of crucifixion declares, “Truly this was God’s Son!” (Matthew 27:45-54)

Miscellaneous thoughts…

Posted on March 21, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

…from the pages of Patriot Post (linked).

“The sub-prime mortgage collapse is another tale of unintended consequences. The crisis has its roots in the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, a Carter-era law that purported to prevent ‘redlining’ —denying mortgages to black borrowers—by pressuring banks to make home loans in ‘low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.’ Under the act, banks were to be graded on their attentiveness to the ‘credit needs’ of ‘predominantly minority neighborhoods.’…[T]o earn high ratings, banks were forced to make increasingly risky loans to borrowers who wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage under normal standards of creditworthiness. The CRA, made even more stringent during the Clinton administration, trapped lenders in a Catch-22. ‘If they comply,’ wrote Loyola College economist Thomas DiLorenzo, ‘they know they will have to suffer from more loan defaults. If they don’t comply, they face financial penalties… which can cost a large corporation like Bank of America billions of dollars.’ Banks nationwide thus ended up making more and more ‘sub-prime’ loans and agreeing to dangerously lax underwriting standards—no down payment, no verification of income, interest-only payment plans, weak credit history. If they tried to compensate for the higher risks they were taking by charging higher interest rates, they were accused of unfairly steering borrowers into ‘predatory’ loans they couldn’t afford. Trapped in a no-win situation entirely of the government’s making, lenders could only hope that home prices would continue to rise, staving off the inevitable collapse. But once the housing bubble burst, there was no escape. Mortgage lenders have been bankrupted, thousands of sub-prime homeowners have been foreclosed on, and countless would-be borrowers can no longer get credit. The financial fallout has hurt investors around the world. And all of it thanks to the government, which was sure it understood the credit industry better than the free market did, and confidently created the conditions that made disaster unavoidable.” —Jeff Jacoby

IOW - it’s the damned Democrats fault, not George Bush’s!

“In this age, when it is considered the height of sophistication to be ‘non-judgmental,’ one of the corollaries is that ‘personal’ failings have no relevance to the performance of official duties. What that amounts to, ultimately, is that character doesn’t matter. In reality, character matters enormously, more so than most things that can be seen, measured or documented. Character is what we have to depend on when we entrust power over ourselves, our children, and our society to government officials. We cannot risk all that for the sake of the fashionable affectation of being more non-judgmental than thou. Currently, various facts are belatedly beginning to leak out that give us clues to the character of Barack Obama. But to report these facts is being characterized as a ‘personal’ attack. Barack Obama’s personal and financial association with a man under criminal indictment in Illinois is not just a ‘personal’ matter. Nor is his 20 years of going to a church whose pastor has praised Louis Farrakhan and condemned the United States in both sweeping terms and with obscene language. The Obama camp likens mentioning such things to criticizing him because of what members of his family might have said or done. But it was said, long ago, that you can pick your friends but not your relatives. Obama chose to be part of that church for 20 years. He was not born into it. His ‘personal’ character matters, just as Eliot Spitzer’s ‘personal’ character matters—and just as Hillary Clinton’s character would matter if she had any.” —Thomas Sowell

“Patriotism is a species of unity that has some redeeming moral and philosophical substance to it. In America, patriotism—as opposed to, say, nationalism—is a love for a creed, a dedication to what is best about the ‘American way.’ Nationalism, a romantic sensibility, says, ‘My country is always right.’ Patriots hope that their nation will make the right choice. If you read the speeches of leading Democrats before the Vietnam War, it’s amazing how comfortable they were with patriotic rhetoric… ‘Suicide’ might be strong, but the Left certainly amputated itself from full-throated patriotic sentiment. Most Democrats speak mellifluously about unity but get tongue-tied or sound as if they’re just delivering words plucked from a political consultant’s memo when they talk of patriotism… When Democrats do speak of patriotism, it is usually as a means of finding fault with Republicans, corporations or America itself. Hence the irony that questioning the patriotism of liberals is a grievous sin, but doing likewise to conservatives is fine… Better that our politics be an argument about why and how we should love our country, not about whether some do and some don’t.” —Jonah Goldberg

“So now we are in this silly situation, in which at one time Obama was happy enough to remind some that his middle name was Hussein and now it is a slur for other less well-intentioned to do so; in which his wife’s browbeating of America was salve to guilty liberals and now it is considered illiberal to question her assumptions; in which a candidate who rose to prominence as a ‘black’ candidate and garners majority margins of 90% among African-American against a very liberal female opponent insists that he has transcended race and to suggest otherwise is, well, racist. Nothing is new in all this: all candidates expand beyond their base and try to play down their former zealotry, on issues as diverse as abortion to guns to gay rights. But what is unique is that the usual flak that meets a politician’s readjustments and opportunism in the case of Obama is additionally questioned as being racist or at least insensitive.” —Victor Davis Hanson

Two distinctly different views …

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…one by a visitor to our country at yet another demonstration outside the Berkeley Recruiting Station by a group of traitorous scumbags known as “Code Pink(o)”. Is this bunch the result of overindulging feminist creeps over the years or simply a case of moonbats gone wild? Whatever the cause, these people need to get a reality check - and maybe what we used to call a “tune-up” in the old days of police work, before the “touchy-feeley”, politically correct brand of administration took over to create a generation of cops unwilling to do their fucking jobs. Hey guys - here’s a tip for you … NO politician, Police Commissioner, or Supervisor can tell you not to make an arrest or otherwise take police action against illegal actions. NONE. Your states Code of Criminal Procedure (or whatever it is called in your jurisdiction) specifies your duties and responsibilities in enforcing the laws promulgated by the state legislature that you are REQUIRED to enforce - no matter WHAT some PC nitwit tells you. Got that straight in your heads? Good. Now go do your fucking job and arrest these shitheads when they interrupt government business!

The other video is a response by a wonderful group known as “Move Ahead America” that I have linked. If you have the means, pleae visit their website and make a contribution to keep videos like this one on TV to answer the traitors among us.

On to the videos.

You want more? I have plenty!

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Obama-Wright. Ideas wrong for America. racist and hateful

B. Hussein Obama’s attempts to divorce himself from the anti-American, racist, vitriol spewing from the mouth of his “Uncle”, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, are just not making it. It looks today like the Obama campaign is in a freefall and now ranks below Clinton, and far below Republican John McCain. With good reason. Is America finally catching on to this asshat and his scumbag “political advisor/mentor”? Wright isn’t a legitimate man of religious stature - he’s a low-life scumbag white hater. This is the man Obama has considered his philosophical mentor for over 20 years, a family friend, Godfather to his children - yet Obama expects us to believe he has never heard him utter the language depicted on the various YouTube videos I and others have been posting? Bullshit. Can you imagine the hue and cry if a white man said these things? Look how they tried to bury Jerry Falwell for far less flagrant speech.

Chew on this, Obama…

If you need more proof…

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THIS is what America wants as it’s President?

…why B. Hussein Obama is UNFIT to be President and Commander in Chief, watch this video. His “plan” would leave the United States as a third world “power” without the muscle to defend itself - let alone fulfill it’s treaties to other nations. He would leave this nation to the mercies of terrorists we’re they be. He would dismantle out intelligence “assets”, such as they are after other Democrat presidents (Hi Jimmuh) did their best to destroy our defensive capabilities. And for what? To once again plague our nation with more give-a-ways to the leeches in our midst - those who won’t work, have children we wind up supporting because the fathers can’t be found, third and fourth generation welfare families, etc.

People who have worked and struggled for years to support their families under the burden of government taxes for the benefit of useless scum will have nothing left in their Social Security accounts. Their savings - if they have been able to save anything under government burdens - will be worthless. Their health care will be left to government run clinics staffed by uncaring, undervalued workers only interested in bringing home a check. This is what an Obama Presidency would bring.

And if that’s not enough for you - how about this outrage?

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto!

Compares charter calling for murder of Jews to “Declaration of Independence”

Posted: March 20, 2008
12:45 pm Eastern
By Aaron Klein
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group’s official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America’s Declaration of Independence.

The Hamas piece was published on the “Pastor’s Page” of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose anti-American, anti-Israel remarks landed Obama in hot water, prompting the presidential candidate to deliver a major race speech earlier this week.

Hamas, responsible for scores of shootings, suicide bombings and rocket launchings against civilian population centers, is listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department.

The revelation follows a recent WND article quoting Israeli security officials who expressed “concern” about Robert Malley, an adviser to Obama who has advocated negotiations with Hamas and providing international assistance to the terrorist group.

In his July 22, 2007, church bulletin, Wright reprinted an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, identified in the newsletter as a “deputy of the political bureau of Hamas.” A photo image of the newsletter was captured and posted today by the business blog BizzyBlog. The Hamas piece was first published by the Los Angeles Times, garnering the newspaper much criticism.

Fifth Anniversary

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. I was tuned in this morning to President Bush’s speech on the occasion and was gratified by what I heard.

A few thoughts

Mind you, I don’t agree with President Bush on quite a few things. For example, I disagree vehemently with his immigration policy, his push for NAFTA, the open borders for trucking initiative, and especially the North American Union deal with Canada and Mexico. Anything that weakens the sovereignty of the United States is a bad thing - no matter who the sitting President who pushes it is. I would guess this idea is a legacy from his father, GHW Bush, who’s idea of a “New World Order” was a frightening prospect to all true Americans. You simply cannot turn this nations sovereignty over to the whims of people who don’t like us but want to put their hands in our pockets.

So that out of the way … to the speech.

It was, in my not so humble opinion, a great speech - but one we can expect the Republican-hating MSM to make light of at best. It should be obvious to anyone that the Iraq invasion was the right thing to do to insure the Muslim terrorists lost their base of operations. The libtards and MSM would have us believe that the opposite is true, but by any intelligent and non-partisan analysis al Qaeda and the Taliban are on the run - if not gone. The Taliban especially are now a non-entity as far as any effectiveness goes, and al Qaeda is functionally in tatters - barely able to sustain any kind of military response. Their sole means now is and has been for quite some time the IED (Improvised Explosive device).

George Bush had the courage of his convictions after 9/11 and acted in the best interests of this country. He did so - despite the self righteous indignation of the leftists - with the full consent of Congress. It is a legal war and a just war. Those who claim the war is illegal because there was no Congressional Declaration of War should look back to Korea - a “peace action” begun by one Harry S. Truman. A Democrat. It was ended by Dwight D. Eisenhower. A Republican. Similarly, the Vietnam “conflict” was begun by John F. Kennedy. Another Democrat. Upon his death, the war was continued by his elected Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson. Democrat. It was ended by Richard M. Nixon. Republican. Curious how that happens, isn’t it? Neither of these were declared wars by Congress, which in both cases was as now controlled by the Democrat Party. And remarkably - not a single protest in the former, and only a few in the later when they decided that the war had gone on “too long” and it was time to cut and run. Like now, and by the same party, again in control of Congress. Entirely predictable.

Other similarities exist between Vietnam and Iraq. US and coalition forces have won every engagement with the enemy, the war is mostly guerrilla type, and the cause of most losses has been booby-traps.

It’s an unfortunate fact that in time of war some are lost. It has always been so. Losses are expected, but the best way to make those losses count for something is ultimate victory.

On a personal level, the leftards and MSM have painted the President as a buffoon. Interesting that he is a graduate of Yale University and a fully qualified fighter pilot. last I heard, neither Yale, nor certainly the US Air Force - graduated unqualified people. They love to make fun of the President pronouncing “nuclear”, as “nuculer”. But wait - have you ever listened to Democrat Lyndon Johnson speak? He pronounced the word exactly the same. But he was a Democrat, so there is a different standard. They have also ridiculed President Bush’s speech patterns. Again - listen to a recording of Lyndon Johnson if you don’t remember him. Same hisitating pattern. Both Texans! That’s the way people speak in Texas - a fact I can attest to, having good friends from there. Again, different standard.

Remembering that I disagree with some of his policies, as if it’s a requirement to agree with everything a politician does or says (an impossibility) , it has to be said that President Bush is a good man - a quality sadly lacking in society at large, and especially among those in the legal profession and politics. Make a comparison between President Bush and President Clinton and choose the moral pariah. Clinton - hands down.

I know from personal testimony that the President often - and without fanfare or public notice - visits with the injured warriors at VA hospitals to sit and chat about their experiences, spend time with the families who are present, and PRAY (yes…PRAY) with these brave men and women who gave so much for their country. He has personally pinned medals on these folks, and offered support to them and their families. Do you think Clinton - or for that matter any Democrat member of Congress or former President - did that?

Patriotic Americans thank President Bush for making the difficult decisions that have kept us free from further attacks and staying the course towards ultimate victory. God bless him, and God bless the men and women of our armed forces and keep them in his loving arms.

Thank you for your service

More on Hussein

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It looks like Obama will be the winner on the Dem side since the “do overs!” in Michigan and Florida will be a “not so fast!” deal - effectively removing Hillery from the mix. That being the case, I think it is justifiable to continue the anti-Obama onslaught.

So here are a few more items to ponder. In a sense - Hillery would be better for the country than this clown.

Good orator - not much else

Looks rather “cozy” with the Rev, eh?

“[Barack] Obama says Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright is no longer among his campaign’s ‘spiritual advisers.’ Obama should not be asked which of Rev. Wright’s outrageous statements he disagrees with, but rather which ones he does agree with. That Obama remains a member in good standing of Trinity United Church of Christ indicates that he prefers the company of many people who have demonstrated that they believe what their pastor has said.” —Cal Thomas “We don’t need a President of the United States who got to the White House by talking one way, voting a very different way in the Senate, and who for 20 years followed a man whose words and deeds contradict [Barack] Obama’s carefully crafted election year image.” —Thomas Sowell

“All you really need to know about Barack Hussein Obama is this: Louis Farrakhan really, really, really wants him to be president.” —Don Feder

“Barack Obama is, of course, a very talented politician with a first-rate political organization at his back. But it does not detract from his merit to say that his race is also a large part of his prominence. And it is undeniable that something extremely powerful in the body politic, a force quite apart from the man himself, has pulled Obama forward. This force is about race and nothing else.” —Shelby Steele

“Barack Obama’s story that he never once heard his preacher trash whites and America in hundreds of sermons sounds like Bill Clinton claiming he never inhaled while smoking dope. The mushrooming church scandal has taken the shine off the golden boy of politics, a two-decade regular at ‘unashamedly blackTrinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. With his phony defense, the Democrat front-runner has exposed himself as both a typical Beltway spinmeister and a hypocrite.

From the start of his presidential campaign, Obama has positioned himself as a straight shooter and a uniter—the very antidote to the sinister Clintonian politics of the past… ‘You know what I’m saying is true,’ he reassured voters. Yet his denial over Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s vitriol does not ring true. He’s suddenly shocked—shocked!—that his black nationalist church would spew anti-American venom.

‘I did not hear such incendiary language myself, personally,’ he insisted, ‘either in conversations with him or when I was in the pew.’

Back in February 2007, however, Obama knew Wright might be a political liability. His chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, was so worried about his provocative statements that he urged Obama to withdraw a request that Wright deliver an invocation at his presidential campaign kickoff. Reluctantly, Obama ‘uninvited’ his long-time friend and mentor, according to Wright’s own account at the time, telling him ‘it’s best for you not to be out there in public.’… Here’s another whopper Obama tells concerning Wright: ‘He hasn’t been my political adviser, he’s been my pastor.’ Yet it turns out Wright quietly had a formal role in Obama’s campaign, and was only pushed out last week as a member of his spiritual advisory committee when the tapes hit the airwaves. Spinning harder, Obama claimed Wright’s remarks are not ‘reflective of the church.’ Yet the videos clearly show fellow members whooping and thumping in their applause of Wright’s hateful rants. These weren’t just a smattering of amens and hallelujahs. They were standing ovations. Point is, these are the folks with whom the Obamas worship and socialize. Yet we’re expected to believe Obama never heard the same incendiary remarks from them, either? His plea of ignorance doesn’t wash.” —Investor’s Business Daily

Hey Obama … Liar, liar - pants on fire!

keep looking »