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We the People have been heard - the bill is dead!

Posted on June 28, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

It’s official. As reported everywhere in the media and on blogs, the cloture vote today to continue with the Immigration Reform (Amnesty) Bill was defeated by 53 NO votes - including a number of Republicans whp previously voted to move the bill forward. Calls and letter to these traitors must have rung a bell, and the idea they would have to seek gainful employment from which they would be required to pay the same taxes as ordinary citizens obviously didn’t sit well.

Whatever the reason, the bill is dead for this Congress. Sure - the President, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and the usual band of “America NOT First” nitwits is up in arms. Reid and Kennedy are blaming the defeat on the evil “conservative talk radio”, and we can soon expect the lefties to try to reintroduce the “Fairness Doctrine” in an attempt to silence the right of the people to free access to opinions other than those of the lefties in the MSM. Watch for it - we’ll have another fight on our hands over that one!

Here is the final vote tally, as lifted from Michelle Malkin’s blog. May I suggest that you write down the names of these slugs who voted YES on cloture so you don’t forget come the next election.

Maybe now we can get down to the real business of protecting our borders by enforcing existing laws, building the damned fence Congress already voted for (and Bush dismissed building).

Back in step.

Posted on June 27, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

I’ve been out of sorts the last few days, but am managing to get back to the keyboard briefly because there is a lot going on.

First up … it appears Republican support in the Senate for the “Immigration Reform (Amnesty) Bill” is waning, hopefully due to intense pressure from We the People. I’d like to think some of the emails I’ve sent to Senators referring to them as “Former Senator” struck a nerve:) At any rate, Bloomberg News has an article tonight citing a few of the Senators who voted for cloture who are now backing off. That story

In a similar vein, The Hill has an article headlined “GOP House Conference Rebukes Senate” in a resolution that passed overwhelmingly by a 114 vote margin. That story

This fight is far from over, though, since Lame Duck George and his spanish cronies are still pushing this deal and bringing heavy pressure on Republicans. Do your part by calling/eMailing not just your own Senator - but all Republican Senators. You can contact any Senate member Just go through the members and click on the “Contact” link for each. Do it now!

In other news, you may recall the disgusting piece of shit Micheal Moore recently called out Fred Thompson to “debate” him on health care policy - this after his *currently under investigation* trip to Cuba in violation of US laws. It now appears this POS doesn’t really have the courage of his own convictions and passed on a challenge to debate Tom Delay on the very same subject. In a turnabout all too similar to Dimmocrats lately, he first accepted - then declined the invitation! Who’s a chicken now, fat boy? Read about it

In an article that pulls no punches at all, writer Mark Levin tears Sir Trent Lott a new asshole, calling him on his “long and UN-distinguished” record in Congress. It’s a real rip! Read that

Also on the immigration battle, writer Quin Hillyer for The American Spectator weighs in with a brutal assessment of the bill, calling it “Poisonous and Treasonous.” And he’s entirely correct, I would add! Read his piece

Stay with me - still more coming!

I found an amazing story in a local Canadian newspaper named The Star demonstrating that problems with these Mexican illegals is not confined to the United States. A Mexican criminal with a lengthy record was arrested there late last week on charges of conspiring to kidnap and murder a Canadian couple who recently won BIG bucks in the lottery and thence abscond with the loot - some 23 millions bucks. Read the story

Also in the Star is an article entitled “The Right Wing Domination Of Talk Radio And How To End It” - which is of particular interest with current grumbling among the lefties with re-instituting the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” - a transparent attempt to silence conservative talk radio. I might also advise you to take a quick peek at some of the moonbats from the left who commented on the article if you want to see the madness of the left. Story is

A good friend of mine sent me a link to an amazing story published in the Brussels Journal the other day having to do with Muslim immigration in Europe - advising all to get out of Dodge before it’s too late and the Religion of Peace totally takes over Europe. Fascinating piece, see it

And finally … it appears the Dimmocratic machine is scared to death of a Fred Thompson nomination! I’ve read before that their thinking is he would be a formidable opponent for Hitlary or Obamarama - perhaps an unbeatable one. So their friends in the leftist media, in the person of Newsweek magazine, have published a preemptive attack on Fred. Typical lefty tactics. Read it via Accuracy in Media blog

Slow day

Posted on June 17, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

… it being Fathers Day and all, I have been quite busy. But here’s one you have not - and WILL not - hear from the lefty MSM!

Tancredo Amendment to Cut Funding for Sanctuary
Cities Passes with Strong Bipartisan Support

“The times, they are a changing.” – Rep. Tancredo

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo’s (R-CO) amendment to cut funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Bill (H.R. 2638) for cities that employ a sanctuary policy passed the House with strong bipartisan support today; 234 to 189.

“The times, they are a changing,” said an exuberant Tancredo, who had introduced the same amendment several times in the past with far less support. “This should also serve as a warning sign to the White House and supporters of re-introducing an amnesty bill from the Senate. If that legislation makes it to the House, it is in serious trouble.”

The Amendment would prevent cities like Denver and San Francisco who employ a sanctuary policy for illegal aliens from receiving first responder funds, including law enforcement and terrorism prevention grants, among other programs.

Tancredo concluded, “The days that local officials could pander to the open borders special interests are over.”

Congratulations and a big Thank You! to Tom Tancredo for pushing this bill through the house after having it defeated previously! Could it be the Peoples House has its ear to the ground better than the House of Lords? It certainly appears to.

Former Senator Trent Lott

Posted on June 16, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

… or at least that is what he should be when he comes up for re-election in (unfortunately) 5 years.

This jerkoff said the other day, the following:

“Talk-radio is running America. We have to deal with the problem.”

One wonders why it is a problem for him - since he is in office largely due to talk radio - and exactly what he intends to do to “deal with” it. Perhaps George and his RINO traitor buddies in the House of Lords intend to join with Ted Kennedy & Company to launch a new attack on free speech via the equal time approach the dims are so fond of? Will there be an exception for Air Amerika, assuming it gets off the ground again?

Mr. Lott - you are finished, a FORMER Senator.

Not in the mood, but …

Posted on June 16, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

I have a few things worth noting, so I’ll just do it.

First up, Joe Lieberman brushes off the negative comments by his alleged party leader again. RE his comments last week about hitting Iran, he says again…

“Iran has effectively begun to carry out military action against American soldiers and a lot of our allies in the Arab world and if we just sit back they’re going to continue to move forward,” he said. “They’re going to take it as a sign of weakness.”

And of course he is absolutely correct! Why the spineless Senators from the Rep side don’t say the same common sense things is incomprehensible.
Read Joe’s full comments

A really interesting article in the London Times about the “search engine gone wild” named Google. I personally refuse to use it or anything connected with Google after they dissed our country and the men who died to keep it free by not having a special logo for either Veterans Day or Memorial Day - as they do for insignificant “holidays” such as Halloween or Cinco de Mayo. I don’t trust the bastards and their constant intrusion into peoples private lives. Anyway - it seems like eBay is boycotting Google now, for various reasons. Read that story

In a story reflective of the insanity of “public education” and “diversity”, in a local LA paper, John Leo writes a piece entitled “Let the Segregation Commence - Separatist graduations proliferate at UCLA.” Not content to have but one graduation ceremony, UCLA has bowed to PC and instituted separate graduation ceremonies for different racial backgrounds. The idiocy of these so-called “educators” knows no bounds! Read the story

An astounding piece detailing the spineless Republican Party and lame duck George Bush’s lack of balls, it now comes out that Marine General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Peter Pace did NOT RESIGN as was first reported - he was forced out. Says the article…

“Marine Gen. Peter Pace said that he had turned down an offer to voluntarily retire rather than be forced out as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

Just unbelievable! Read the rest of the story

In an article in the Washington Times (linked) displaying exactly where George Bush’s loyalties really lie… The Pres yesterday appeared (along with Ted Kennedy) at the Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in DC and made the following, nauseating statement:

“President Bush yesterday told Hispanics to step into the middle of the immigration debate and make sure senators who have been bombarded with calls from opponents also hear from those who support the bill.”

That’s right, George - the illegal alien apologists have a greater say in your policies than American citizens. You traitorous POS! Read the story , and try to contain your anger. Didn’t work for me, though.

A statement from Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, shows he is one of the good guys trying to prevent this travesty of justice and slap at tax paying Americans. Senator DeMint said he will block any attempt to send the bill to an eventual House-Senate conference, complicating the usual path a bill takes to reach the president’s desk. His quote:

“Ted Kennedy has sold us another bill of goods and I don’t trust him to make even more changes to it behind closed doors in a conference with the House,” Mr. DeMint said, referring to the Massachusetts Democrat who has spearheaded the bill along with Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican.”

Keep fighting for us, Senator!

Finally, please click on the blogroll link for my friends One Old Vet blog. Allan writes very well and is another of the good guys of the blogosphere. Very interesting postings there!

A few changes

Posted on June 15, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Decided to try a new look to the blog - maybe a little more clear for some? If you have any comments on the change, feel free to do so!

Back to writing

Posted on June 15, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

…after a few days off due to those health issues.

Looks like George is bound and determined to destroy the last vestiges of the Republican Party with his visit to the Senate to push his immigration bill. I really don’t know what this guy is thinking. There has been much speculation what his reasoning is, but none seem to me to be enough to warrant turning the US into another third world shithouse like Mexico.

Accuracy in Media (linked) has a pretty good article about possible reasons for his intransigence, entitled “Bush Sides With Mexican Killers Against U.S.” Read it

Considering Bush’s approval rating sits at an all time low for s sitting President (29%) one is left wondering exactly who would benefit from his bill other than criminals. Mark Murray at MSNBC has that story

A really interesting article about a Bush policy that has grave implications for our countrys sovereignty can be found at Accuracy in Media, entitled “AMNESTY PLAN ADVANCES NORTH AMERICAN UNION”. A quote from the article …

“Rep. Edward Royce, a high-ranking conservative California Republican, says that a White House-backed amnesty plan for illegal aliens has provisions which undermine the national sovereignty of the U.S. and help facilitate development of a North American Union, much like the European Union that supersedes the sovereignty of 27 European countries.”

Read the full, distressing article

Yet another article ripping the President appears at Accuracy in Media, entitled “President Bush’s New World Order Legacy”. Looks like the only legacy this guy is going to have will be the utter destruction of his own country! Read it

The American Spectator (linked) has a disturbing piece on how Congress is raiding our pocketbook again - without much fanfare from the MSM - if they are even capable of understanding the implications. Entitled “Food Before Fuel”, Iain Murray & William Yeatman explain how in their zest to reduce our dependence on foreign oil (don’t get me started!), they (Congress) are causing massive price increases in the cost of food. Read the story

In Accuracy in Media again, writer Cliff Kincaid posits that “Scandals Threaten Hillary and Rudy”. Really interesting, and you can be sure you will hear NOTHING about Hillary’s problems from the MSM. As concerns Rudy … bet on it to be front page and lead story on the nightly newscasts. Not that I care - I’ve alleged similar problems for Rudy myself. Read it

Another article about Hillarys ties to a bogus group named “Media Matters” - the ones largely responsible for the Don Imus blowup - can be found at Accuracy in Media

And yet another detailing shenanigans by Hillary’s campaign is

And finally for now, the totally reprehensible coward Harry Reid again opens his yap to proclaim that two of the highest ranking Generals in the US, “retiring” head of the Joint Chiefs Marine General Peter Pace, and Army General David Petreaus are … “incompetent.” This piece of shit who isn’t fit to tie these mens shoes is now an expert on military affairs. Of course this POS only had the cohones to state this nonsense in front of a group of leftists like himself, and the MSM had not a word to say about it. Can you imagine the din if a Republican said something like this? Read this garbage

Flag Day 2007

Posted on June 13, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Today, June 14, is Flag day. I fly the colors EVERY day, irrespective of whether or not it’s a national holiday. Do you? FLY THE FLAG - SHOW THE COLORS - SHOW YOU ARE AN AMERICAN!

Todays bits and pieces …

Posted on June 11, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Human Events (linked), as usual, has some interesting and insightful articles today.

In the first - accompanied by a video - Newt Gingrich writes that the “Conflagration isn’t over”. A great piece on the immigration bill that was, wasn’t, and now IS. Again. The article is , and the video is .

Jed Babbin is next up at Human Events with his article entitled “We Made it a “Miers Moment”, talking about the nomination of Bush crony/insider Harriet Miers ill conceived nomination to the Supreme Court. That story .

In the American Spectator, David Hogberg writes a great piece entitled “Up from amnesty”. The subject should be obvious, and you can read it .

In WorldNet Daily, Jon Dougherty has an excellent article entitled “Coming to America”, and as in the previous case - the subject should be apparent. Read it .

Dennis Miller on Harry Reid

Posted on June 11, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

No contest!

HotAir is running with a YouTube video of Dennis Miller totally ripping Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a new asshole. Dennis unleashes his extensive vocabulary and equally extensive and biting wit on the hapless dimocrat like nothing you have EVER seen or heard before.

Outstanding, Dennis!

Check it out!

My opinion?

Posted on June 11, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

“The simple truth is that we’ve lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive. We ignore America’s lost sovereignty at our peril.”
- Ronald Reagan

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life.”
- John F Kennedy

Stupid, stupid, stupid..

Posted on June 11, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Todays mail just arrived. No - I didn’t get that check from Lotto for 35 million, but I did get something from the Republican National Committee! Oh goody - what can it be?!

Naturally - they want money. $100 would be nice, but $1000 would be much better! They also wanted me to fill out a policy questionaire, as “one of only a few selected Republicans to receive this questionaire.”

I’m so proud! Imagine that … ME! .. one of the select few!

I mean, are these people stupid or what! Two weeks after sending them an email stating clearly that I had changed my registration to Independent, and that I would never again give the Republican party a single dime of the hard earned cash they want to take from me to give to illegal aliens … I get a solicitation. Ahhhh … NO!

And just who do you think is the Chairman of the RNC? Mel Martinez. Yeah, THAT guy … the one who called me a racist if I didn’t support this abortion of a bill he and Bush are trying to cram down our throats. Hey Mel? Screw you and the RNC.

I MIGHT decide to change back my party affiliation at some time, and maybe even part with a few bucks, but only when/if:

  • The Republican Party actually nominates someone interested in AMERICA - not a globalist.
  • Mel Martinez is removed as Chairman of the RNC
  • RINO’s currently running the party are out of office - they don’t represent the party core anyway
  • You nitwits get a backbone and stop pandering to the likes of Ted Kennedy.
  • You decide to enforce existing laws against illegal immigration.

Maybe then I’ll reconsider.


But in the meantime, I sent their papers back - in the stamped envelope enclosed - with nothing but “NO AMNESTY for CRIMINALS” written across it.

If a few more people used their own postage money to send crap back to this morons, maybe they’d get the idea that we the people will NOT tolerate this massive giveaway to criminals on our dime. George Bush can pander all he wants, Mel Martinez can call me a racist all he wants … it won’t change a thing. This abortion is estimated to wind up costing the American taxpayer a minimum of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS.

I predict there will be a rebellion in this country if our elected “representatives” pass this UN NEEDED bill. This is yet another reason why dimocrats hate the Second Amendment. If “We the people” are unarmed, we are at the mercy of tyrants who would impose their will on us in contravention of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Founders added that RIGHT specifically for that purpose and stated so in plain, clear language.

Politicians love to add more and more laws to control us. Being lawyers, that’s not surprising. But in this case - as in others like the Second Amendment - there are already enough laws to fix this situation.

All we need are politicians with the balls to enforce those laws. Personally - I don’t see that happening. Do you?

Note to Pres. Bush, et all …

Posted on June 10, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

He’s got STONES

Posted on June 10, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Senator Joe Lieberman, Democrat

This is quite possibly the only man in the Senate with a pair of balls, and damned if he isn’t a Democrat.

I’ve said it before - I like this man. I respect him, even though I disagree with many of his ideas. But one thing you have to give him is he is a man of principle. No wishy-washy bullshit - he says what’s on his mind … like a man should. Agree or disagree, but put it out there.

Joe said today that the United States should be prepared to attack Iran to prevent them from killing American troops in Iraq. Privy to the same Intel as the other 99 so-called Senators, Joe arrived at that conclusion by himself, with no input from others on his side of the aisle. A reasonable and entirely correct conclusion to a very simple tactical question.

We KNOW those raghead bastards have been supplying munitions to Al-Qeada. We also know they have been training them in camps over the border in Iran.

Joe has it right - HIT THEM, KILL THEM, before they kill any more Americans!

Good for you, Joe.

RINO vision of America

Posted on June 10, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

This is it, folks - the RINO’s vision of America. Land of the not-so-Free, Home of the not-so-brave. The former shining light of the world that drew millions wanting to assimilate and prosper. They came here from everywhere, learned English, got jobs, paid taxes, raised families and educated their kids so they could live in a place where they could be free to practice their religion of choice - or not - speak freely of their thoughts, make a living and save for their future.

Then the globalists appeared. We are no longer “America”, we are part of a global economy, we are responsible to the rest of the world - or Third World. They want to open our borders and sacrifice our culture, our language, our identity. All those things millions of adopted Americans came here and worked for for years. Gone. Viva Estadas Unidos!

Not me. Screw’em all.

The estimable Ann Coulter on the America globalists like Bush and Kennedy want to see. Need I say she is right on the hicky-do?

George Bush’s Legacy …
And fuck you too, George - I’m sorry I voted for you.

Late news of the day

Posted on June 9, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

… and stories you won’t read in the MSM.

The Washington Times (linked) is as usual on top of the breaking news situation. Three items of interest to know about.

The Immigration Bill Redux

I previously mentioned that the battle is far from over and we could expect the prez to once again try to push his pet program on an unwanting American public. Yeah - the people who he was elected to represent - not Mexicans. The Washington Times headline reads:

President Bush, stung by Thursday’s vote to block the immigration bill, is telling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to put it back on the Senate’s schedule, and the bill’s supporters say they think it can be resurrected. “I urge Senator Reid to act quickly to bring this bill back to the Senate floor for a vote, and I urge senators from both parties to support it,” Mr. Bush said in his weekly radio address.

Just freaking lovely, eh? Who does the Idiot in Chief go to to try and foist this piece of shit bill? Harry Reid, Dimocratic Majority Leader of the Senate, that’s who. He obviously knows better than to bring this garbage to the Republican core. Read the full story .

A Warrior falls on his sword for Bush…

In another story displaying the utter lack of balls this administration has, SecDef Robert Gates has withdrawn Marine General Peter Pace from consideration to continue as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - a position he has held honorably. The stated reason for dissing this Warrior?

The Bush administration sidelined Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, yesterday, announcing plans to replace him as the nation’s top military officer rather than reappoint him and risk a Senate confirmation struggle focusing on the Iraq war. “It would be a backward looking and very contentious process,” Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said at a Pentagon press conference where he announced he would recommend Adm. Michael G. Mullen to replace Gen. Pace.

Toss a good and honorable man who did his duty for 40 years out on his ass to placate a bunch of sniveling cowards who aren’t man enough to shine the Generals shoes. Typical of this administration! No backbone - no balls. Come to think of it, that would make a good campaign motto for the party in 2008. Yeah - that’s the ticket! “No backbone - no balls! Vote for us so we can sell you out … again!”

I don’t think so, sparky! Read that story .
Read what Caspar Weinberger Jr. says about this travesty
And read General Pace’s bio

The Syrians want to kill us.

That’s a surprise to anyone? The administration and Congress has been tiptoeing around the issue of what to do about the other Muslim countries in the middle east for quite a while - obviously to avoid “offending” the followers of the “peaceful religion” that is Islam. So what comes of it?

Syrian national Monzer Al Kassar, 61, of Marbella, Spain, along with suspects Tareq Mousa Al Ghazi, 60, of Lebanon, and Luis Felipe Moreno Godoy, 58, also of Marbella, were arrested as they prepared to finalize a multimillion-dollar deal with the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to pay for the weapons.

They plot to kill us, of course! These morons in Washington DC actually believe their tripe that Islams war on the US and Christian culture is a result of their pique at us being in Iraq? Unbelievable. These scumbag Arab Islamic terrorists have hated Christians since the fucking Crusades! Don’t these people ever read world history - or is it no longer taught in the liberal mind control facilities? Appeasement, appeasement, appeasement!

It doesn’t work, assholes! It … doesn’t … work! The only way to stop this and let these camel jockeys know we’re serious about it is to kill the fuckers! Send them to the eternal sand nap! Do it before they bring their religion of peace back to US soil. That story is .

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty …”

Posted on June 9, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

“Joanne” Edwards prepares to face the cameras. But first…

“Oh honey? Do I look okay? How does my hair look? Does this suit make me look fat? Do I need a little more blush or eyeshadow?”

Okay, I’m sorry … I couldn’t resist:)

Bits and pieces today

Posted on June 9, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Liberals. Ugh

J.J. Jackson has an absolutely wonderful piece at his blog Liberty Reborn (linked) entitled “Liberals want to be Commander-in-Chief”, with the caveat that he is not referring to the military - he is talking about our very lives.

Rather than trying to explain it - how about just going and reading it yourself. It’s a wakeup call why electing someone like Hillary would be a tragedy.

Story .

Bloomberg strikes again … Story

In his never ending quest to go down in the history of NYC as the nuttiest Mayor EVER, Mayor Bloomberg has just proposed a tax surcharge on all vehicles entering Manhattan. Specifically, $8 per car, and $21 per truck.

Of course anyone with half a brain knows that trucks are the lifeline of the city, delivering thousands of tons of food and products that make the city go. Now this nincompoop decides to add yet another inducement for these drivers - who are already hurting from increased fuel costs - to say “Take a load to NYC? No- I think I’ll pass”. Which is in all likelihood exactly what they will do. Either that or guess what … the extra costs will simply be passed along to consumers in the form of … ta-daaaa… higher prices! Exactly what the economy needs!

And what of the poor sap who can’t afford the $250/month LIRR ticket to commute to his job? The Mayor, he points out (frequently) uses the subway to commute from his home uptown to his office in City Hall. Isn’t that special. Of course he doesn’t PAY, but then he’s the Mayor, right? So who cares about Joe Blow, who lives in the suburbs and has to drive 2 hours each way every day and then try to find a place to park ($30/day in a garage?) where his car will either be not stolen, or not towed away ($250, please. Ticket is extra). Don’t forget he has to pay extra taxes to NYC, although he doesn’t live there (taxation without representation?) and doesn’t use the services. Well tough shit, sparky - find another way to get to work, or find another job!

Of course the mucky-mucks, captains of industry, millionaires like Bloomberg, etc don’t care about as lousy $8 bucks a day - they smoke cigars that cost more than that! They drive Bimmers, or Mercedes, or get free limo service!

Paris (no - not the city)

Ahhhh, what would a day be without something about this waste of oxygen! The MSM won’t let the story go, and bloggers are rubbing their hands together with excitement - the biggest show in town. It has it all … tears, sobs, expressions of bitterness of the judicial system, Sheriffs getting paid off (okay - low blow there), etc. Coming soon to a reality TV show near you!

This slut really isn’t worth all the time people - myself included - have spent and will spend on her. The problem is people are just intrigued by the story and how it shows the utter injustice of the system where “celebrities” are concerned. Witness the trial of double murderer OJ Simpson. Okay - maybe that’s not a terrific example - that was more a racial deal than celebrity. But you get the picture. Come on - you know he did it, you morons!

I digress ….

See, here we have a 26 year old twidget who never had a job and never will. Spoiled rotten by two over-indulgent parents who themselves never had to work for a living. “Mommy and Daddy wuv dear widdle Paris - yes we do!” Her biggest decision each day is deciding to wear Prada or whatever other designer she deems worthy of being labeled as “hot”. A nothing.

So she gets bagged not once, not twice, but THREE times for drunk driving. Anyone else would be in jail after the second offense. Not Miss Hilton - Daddy is a big shot billionaire with a trophy wife. Offered a “ground ball” deal of probation rather than jail where she belonged, what does she do? She immediately goes out and violates the terms of her probation. Just like that. How? She goes driving again! Drunk! For the third time!

I guess being concerned with all the important things in life like fashion and clubs and important people doesn’t leave much room in her miniscule brain for things like common sense or laws everyone else has to obey. Nope - not little Paris! She’s “somebody!” Screw the law! Then she cries it’s “unfair” of the law to toss her skinny skank ass back in jail after a seriously ethics-impaired Sheriff lets her out after 3 days of a 45 day term - itself a sweetheart deal. Boo-freaking-hoo.

More about it and .

And a little something about the star struck Sheriff of LA County, Leroy Baca

Now I have to go lie down - I’m simply beside myself with grief over this story….

Think it’s over?

Posted on June 9, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Not hardly, bucko!

“Immigration reform” is still alive. Ole’ George is still looking for a legacy (other than destroying his own party?) and trying to alienate the few remaining supporters he has among Republicans/Conservatives. He wants the Immigration bill back on the table, and Harry Reid and his merry band of RINO’s is only too happy to oblige.The same scumbags as I noted in previous posts are pushing the issue, led by traitor John Kyl - who seems to be emulating Monika Lewinsky for the despicable Ted “Want to go for a drive, honey?” Kennedy. Remember this piece of shit next election day, folks. When but 23% of the American public ()- Republican, Dimocratic, Independant - are in favor of a bill, you know it must suck big time. Yet - these scumbags are pushing to bring this to fruition. What are these clowns thinking, I wonder? What do they expect to come from this … some favors from the party that because of this and Bush will likely control the country for the next 50 years? It’s insanity.

Kyl says he wants to get it done. Lindsey (what kind of name is that for a man, anyway?) Graham is threatening to hold his breath until it gets passed. Ted Kennedy is threatening to take opposing Senators for a little car ride. Pompous ass Trent Lott has offered to skip a hair appointment (with John Edwards, maybe?) if it would help passage.

We can expect a new round of racist accusations directed at anyone who opposes any kind of immigration bill - that’s now a given. Liberals know very well that people are deathly afraid of being accused of racism. The only problem for them in this case is there is simply no way to conclude that opposition to a bill is racist. Not that that ever stopped them from making the charge, but … I’m just saying! In their minds, it boils down to being “afraid of Hispanics”, and therefore is a racial issue.

Well, sparky - if giving amnesty to people who break our laws to come here, break our laws staying here, rape our health system to the point of bankruptcy, have no intention of ever assimilating into American culture, refuse to learn or speak our language, and piss on our flag is being racist … I happily accept the designation! Kiss my ass!

Look for this garbage to reappear in a few weeks, disguised under a new layer of obfuscation. Look for another attempt by Reid and Company to close debate quickly so opposing members cannot offer up amendments. Look for George to trot out his Hispanic friends. Maybe his nephew again.

It’s not going away. But you know what? Neither are we!

Bush to his parties base …

Ethics? From a Clinton?

Posted on June 9, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

Alcee Hastings

Remember that name by any chance? Yeah - he’s the guy his own party leader had to remove from consideration for a high position because he’s a corrupt son of a bitch. One of only six federal judges ever impeached. That’s the guy.

Well guess what! None other than Hillary RODHAM Clinton has just made him a Co-Chair (person?) to her election committee.

I guess it should be no surprise that someone with Hillary’s devotion to ethical conduct would appoint a scumbag like Hastings to be a major force in her campaign to take over the world. Perhaps his reward - should the American public actually be stupid enough to elect this bitch - will be to be nominated to the Supreme Court. How does THAT grab ya, sparky!

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