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Bob Parks

Posted on March 21, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

I have a link in my Blogrolls to Bob Parks. Do you know of him? I didn’t either, until the other day when I tumbled upon a video posted on youtube.

I won’t go into Mr. Parks bio - I’ll leave that to you to discover. All I will say is you must go to his website and read his work.

Impressive. Very impressive. Do it now.

By the way …

Posted on March 17, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

I hope you will try all the links I have listed, but if you like to start your day off with a hearty chuckle - give a look at the “Guns ‘n Butter” blog. Despite what you might think from the name, it is not a 2nd Amendment themed blog at all. Rather, it’s a humorous look at current events. A very humorous look:)

Copyright laws prevent me from giving you a peek at what’s on there so you’ll have to take my word for it … visit this place and be prepared to laugh!

And for those who are interested in the real story from Iraq and Afghanistan … Micheal Yon’s blog is not to be missed. You will not see this stuff in the MSM!

It just keeps getting better!

Posted on March 17, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

So the latest out of North Carolina re the Duke Lacrosse players alleged “rape” case is the bimbo who brought these charges is refusing to cooperate with the DA’s investigators unless she is subpoenaed. Makes me wonder if she is somehow related to Tawana Brawley.

Her attorneys and the DA somehow think it is enough for a black woman to make a charge against whitey and then offer no substantiation, proof, witnesses, or whatever? The fact she is making a charge is deemed to be sufficient to ruin these young mens reputations, college careers, and possible send them to jail for a very long time.

Uuhhh … I don’t think so!

Exactly when are we going to stop this reverse discrimination; this double standard of evidentiary rules? Race pimps like my old friend from Brooklyn Al Sharpton or Race Pimp in Charge Jesse Jackson makes charges that if brought by a white against a black would be condemned as “racist” and get away with it. Time after time, after time.


It’s time the state AG stepped in and brought this to a close now. Step two is to proceed with all haste disbarment hearings against DA Nifong - who allowed this crap to take place. Step three is to initiate civil suits for slander and malicious prosecution against both Nifong and the accuser.

These dirtbags talk about “justice” being served? That is a two-way street.

The Bill of Rights is not a list of suggestions!

Posted on March 15, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...


Just a topic I found on another blog recently. I thought it was worth repeating, again, and again, and again …. Just in case there are some moonbats out there who have ‘forgotten” what the Bill of Rights actually says, and the Founding Fathers intended.

Is it not to be assumed that the original 10 Rights as written were listed in order of what they considered to be their importance? I don’t think that’s a stretch at all, considering the political environment from which they had fled. They came from an environment in which a citizen who voiced an opinion critical of the crown could be summarily tossed in the dungeon … without trial, with no right to defend themselves, no representation in court (court? What’s that?), nothing. Say something the crown doesn’t like? Off with your head!

They had no individual rights at all in England. None.  Your home could be (and was) seized by the crown to quarter the crowns troops, with no remuneration. You - being a mere commoner - had no right to even own property, and no right to own a weapon with which to defend it or yourself. Your domicile could be searched by soldiers of the crown without warning, without a warrant. The crowns authority - and its authority over its “subjects” - was absolute.

In their wisdom, the founding fathers decided that the most precious right one could have was the right to voice your opinion openly, to the extent of criticizing the government if need be. In order to make certain that right was always available, they added the second right - the right to “keep and bear arms” - to assure the first. And lest some moonbat be reading this and add “a-ha! The document says that right belongs only to a Militia!”

Quite right, dummy, but were you not a recent product of the American Educational System, you would know enough about the history of this nation to see that the definition of a “militia” in those times meant “all men, fit and capable, between the ages of 15 and 50, capable of carrying a weapon with which to defend their homes and their neighbors” was the militia. There was then and is not now any requirement that it be an “organized militia” as the liberal moonbats allege. And this very requirement has been upheld by federal courts time and time again, as recently as last month in overturning gun laws in Washington, DC, as “unConstitutional”. Sorry, moonbats - you lose this argument.

As concerns the next 8 Rights, they follow in order of what the founders considered their relative importance to a free society. Note also that contrary to what guvmint school “teachers” would have you believe - the founders specifically setup the new United States of America as a “Federal Republic” - not a “democracy” - for they well knew the abuses of a society wherein one class could rule all others by virtue of their numbers. Sorry to disabuse you of that notion, but the united States is not now and never has been a Democracy. Get over it.

So ends todays lesson.

Don’t believe it? Go to your library (not libery“, idiot) and find a book about the history of this nation that was written more than 25 years ago - before the liberals took over the “educational system” and turned it into a mind control system of blithering idiots, unable to think for themselves.

Hello again …

Posted on March 13, 2007 | Filed Under In My Opinion...

meIf you’re a returning visitor, I had to completely delete my previous blog and start from scratch again because of a program malfunction. I was tempted to not even bother to do this again, but it is something of a catharsis to get this crap out of my system.

In that I have not been feeling well lately, this may take some time to get back up and running.

See ya soon …..