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I’m staying home…

Posted on May 13, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion... 

It just doesn’t matter anymore. I’m tired of voting for candidates my party puts up who I can’t stomach. There has not been a single Republican I truly wanted to vote for since Ronald Reagan, God bless his soul. Not one. Bush 1 or 2? Nope. McCain? Get serious. And now it’s said that the top choice for VP on McCain’s ticket is defeated candidate Mike “Open the borders” Huckabee.

Note to McCain … Huckabee was defeated for a reason - Republicans didn’t like his policies. Of course we don’t like yours either, but we’re stuck with you.

Anyway …

I have no choice in the November election yet again. McCain is talking up Huckabee, is doing the “Global Warming” junk science tour, and is playing footsie with the Hispanic “open borders - this is OUR country!” group La Raza. Is this guy a Republican, or does he think he’s really running for the Democrat Party? Maybe those rumors about his senility have some basis in fact?

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of my party giving me candidates who don’t follow the principals that made this country what it is . Uh … was (because it isn’t anymore). I won’t go along anymore. The Republican Party cares so little about its core voters that they dare us not to vote for their candidate for fear of letting dirtbags like Clinton or racist Marxists like Obama send this country back to the dark ages.

Well ya know what? It won’t matter, and I’m not buying into it anymore. We’ll have 4 years of Obama giving this country a repeat of the Jimmy Carter debacle, and maybe - hopefully - another Knight like Ronald Reagan will appear to guide things back to the light. Anyone I vote for will hurt me and middle class America. So - I’m not voting for any of them. Fuck it.

“Goodnight, Chet”


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