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“Fair and Balanced” media? Sure they are!

Posted on May 9, 2008 | Filed Under In My Opinion... 

Never one to let facts or common decency - let alone the TRUTH - get in their way, the media continues to attack Republicans for alleged improprieties, while consistently overlooking REAL criminal behavior committed by their friends in the DemocRAT Party. Not surprising - not surprising at all. The latest target is John McCain.

WaPo Manufactures McCain “Scandal”

By Amanda Carpenter
Friday, May 9, 2008

When is a senator doing constituent work and when is he tied up in an influence-peddling scandal? The lines seem blurred when it comes to the media’s coverage of the land swap deals Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been involved in. (or it involves any Republican, apparently)

A few weeks ago, the New York Times tried to manufacture a McCain land deal scandal and today it’s the Washington Post’s turn.

The front-page headline of Post staff writer Matthew Mosk’s story is titled “McCain Pushed Land Swap that Benefits Backer.” It says McCain negotiated a land swap to allow Arizona rancher Fred Ruskin to exchange his checkerboard of property located in the Prescott National Forest for an equal piece of continuous federal land that was later sold for development. Mainly because the developer, Steven A. Betts, who purchased the land from Ruskin is a donor to McCain’s presidential campaign, reporter Mosk smells trouble.

But Mosk never proves a connection between the donations and the deal, and there are many details he left out, some provided in ample detail by the McCain campaign, the rancher and the businessman.

Firstly, McCain didn’t single handedly negotiate the deal even though Mosk’s headline makes it sounds as if he did. The highly-scrutinized land swap is the biggest in Arizona’s history and passed the House and Senate in July 2005 after receiving a laundry list of endorsements from Arizona-based groups and media.

It was even supported by Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano, and for good reason. A 2004 editorial by the Arizona Republic applauded the swap because it…

“will consolidate 70,000 acres of environmentally sensitive Forest Service lands and those owned by rancher Fred Ruskin, doubling the acreage for public access and recreation.”

(Yup - sounds like a corruption scandal to me!


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