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About me

meI have at times been said to be slightly to the right of Genghis Khan, but that is an exaggeration. Actually a true “right winger” would blanch at some of my positions. I am in fact nearly impossible to classify politically, having some very conservative views, and some fairly liberal social views.

Abortion, for example. is one area in which I distance myself from the “religious” right. While I would oppose abortion on demand as a convenience, I firmly believe that in cases of rape, incest, or possibility of physical harm coming to the mother … abortion is not only appropriate but necessary.

While I find much of the Libertarian Party positions fairly palatable, many of their more radical positions (legalizations of all drugs, for example) leave me cold.

I tend to run towards a “Federalist” position as a believer in the strict interpretation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written by our Founding Fathers. They knew better than most what the risks of democracy were, and choose instead to institute a Constitutional Republic instead - the idiots of the liberal democratic stripe notwithstanding. Sorry, folks, the United States is not a Democracy, despite what you learned in your local liberal mind control facility.

I am unapologetic - unlike far too many Police Officers in my part of the country - in my total support for the 2nd Amendment. As President John Adams once said, “An armed society is a polite society.” That is an undeniable truth, despite what the liberal nitwits would have you believe.

In essence, the titles “Conservative” or even “Libertarian” don’t fit me very well.

I honestly don’t know how I would classify myself. I’m definitely not a Republican, if the example set by the present party is any indicator. Yes - I voted, twice, for the present occupant of the White House, but only because the alternatives I was offered were too horrible to contemplate. And the very idea of an Al Gore or John Kerry as President and Commander in Chief of our armed forces was enough to send me into paroxysms of rage. Had I known President Bush would violate his oath of office and fail to close our borders to illegal aliens, while at the same time suspend our Bill of Rights under the guise of a so-called “Patriot Act”, I would likely not have voted at all. If someone can explain to me in a logical manner how it makes us safer to have a bunch of semi-literate, $5 an hour government square-badges strip searching children and known Medal of Honor recipients (General Joe Foss), while allowing millions of unidentified and undocumented aliens of undetermined origin just walk across our southern border, utilize our overburdened health care facilities, plunder our economic system, and engage in rampant criminal activity … I’d love to hear it! Enough on that subject.

Being of Scottish and English descent, I tend to have a somewhat (?) offbeat sense of humor that is naturally reflected in my writing - a passion of mine along with reading.

At any rate … I am 61 years old at this writing, and in a former life was a New York City Police Officer, having served for 25 years in some of the most dangerous and demanding precincts and assignments the City had to offer, and retired in 1994.

Following my retirement from the NYPD, I worked as a Private Investigator for one of the largest firms in New York City and did the investigation that led to the largest single damage award in NY history. I left that work due to serious health issues and heart surgery in 1996.

In 1997 I was the first person hired by the NY Jets Football Club upon the arrival of Head Coach Bill Parcells and his decision that he wanted professional, retired Police Officers to staff a newly formed Security Unit. I was with the Jets for 10 years, retired in April of this year - again for reasons of health.

I have been married - to the same woman (nowadays that is a necessary caveat) - for 38 years and have a 22 year old son.


A hot button issue for Conservatives in general. Baptized in a Dutch Reformed Church, attended Sunday school at Presbyterian Church, married (and vows renewed) in same, and son baptized at same time as marriage vows renewed. Does that make me Presbyterian? No - not really.

As a youth I attended services at Methodist, Lutheran, and Baptist churches. My dad was a practicing Catholic until he was excommunicated for joining the Freemasons. Mom was Presbyterian by default - being Scottish - and Presbyterian being the defacto Church of Scotland.

However, the Presbyterian Church USA’s Synod has destroyed the basic tenets of the Scottish church and turned it into a vague shell of it’s former greatness. No longer content to preach the word of God - the Presbyterian Church USA has turned to social activism, as have a few other churches. Not surprisingly - all these “churches” have found themselves losing members in droves. And they wonder why!

I have had much time and opportunity to reflect on my relationship with God. I have determined that I don’t need to attend a “church” per se to be a Christian. He doesn’t, in my opinion, grade people on what church they attend - he grades people on how they live their lives and believe in Him and His word. My relationship is personal and will remain as such.


Make a guess. After reading some of my posts it shouldn’t be hard to place me in the political spectrum.  From a purely political aspect, I probably fit into the Conservative wing, while socially - I lean more towards a Moderate approach.

I do not believe in government imposing its will over the private lives of citizens, which might be somewhat unusual for a former cop. I don’t - and never did - consider it any of my business what consenting adults did in the privacy of their home. You shouldn’t either. That part probably splits the line between the social and political aspect. Socially, while I don’t necessarily agree with abortion - a buzzword for most Conservatives - I am opposed to government intervention via Roe v. Wade. I disagree the choice is strictly the mothers domain (Fathers have no choices?), but I also disagree with abortion on demand, for any reason a mother sees fit to choose. I further object to government (or “busybody”) intervention in choices of life or death, such as the Schiavo case. No person - government or private citizen - should have the right to interfere in a decision reached by a competent adult facing the continuance of life absent an quality at all. If I am facing a “life” as a vegetable and have left instructions that  I don’t wish to be kept alive by extraordinary measures … that should be MY choice - not the governments.

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