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The United States has always had "Homeland Security"
It's called the ... Second Amendment, dumbass!
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Well - I have reopened my blog. I had a number of problems with spammers at the previous one, and attempts to correct some damage resulted in my having to delete the entire system. But it's back now with most of the same excellent links and my typically blunt language. Oh - a whole new look as well. If you're interested ... it's HERE

I have unfortunately neglected updating for some time due to my health issues and time spent on my other sites and Blog. As it stands, much of the information here has gone about as far as it can without becoming an exercise in moaning about my personal health issues. I don't want that and neither do you - so it won't!

Previous plans to change this site over to strict CSS just will not happen, as there are entirely too many pages here to rework and I just don't have the time. I learned that the hard way when I changed over my drum corps site to CSS - the job took the better part of 2 weeks - just to rewrite the HTML to coexist with the new stylesheet. The stylesheet for this site would be twice as long to accomodate the number of different styles and features here. So ... just ain't gonna happen.

I will resist the temptation to put much political information on this site and confine it to my Blog, to avoid exposing visitors to my "dark" side.


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